Best Blood Loss build in Elden Ring

  Best Blood Loss build in Elden Ring

Best Blood Loss build in Elden Ring

Bleed is a powerful ability in Elden Ring that can deal massive damage to both enemies and bosses 

There are special builds that take advantage of Bleed to win battles. Here is the best.

Best build to use Blood Loss to its full potential in Elden Ring

Bleeding is triggered when a player creates a Bleed effect on a target. Elden Ring has a built-in counter with many different status effects. Nothing will happen until the counter is full.

However, when a full meter is obtained on an enemy target, the player will trigger Blood Loss, which is very strong on bosses, which will cause damage equal to a percentage of a target's max HP.

The best weapons for the Blood Loss build

While there are many different weapons a player can use to deal effective damage, there are some that stand out above the rest. Packed with Blood Affinity, Uchigatana is one of the best weapons players can use.

In fact, players should try combining the two, both Blood Affinity, for maximum efficiency. Blood Loss formation will be faster when using two weapons.

Talismans that players must use for the Blood Loss build

Best Blood Loss build in Elden Ring

There is a very special talisman that players will need for this build. This item is Lord of Blood's Exultation.

The reason players need it is because it increases their attack power if Blood Loss occurs in void. This will greatly increase the attack power of the player's build. As for other talismans, players should use whatever they feel most comfortable with to fit their playstyle.

Best Ash of War weapons for the Blood Loss build

The best Ash of War for players to use in a Blood Loss build is Ash of War: Seppuku This is because Seppuku causes their weapons to apply the Blood Loss effect while inflicting minor damage to the player while also increasing their attack power.

In dual use, players can apply this buff twice, dealing a lot of damage to enemies with Lord of Blood's Exultation.

How to play with the Blood Loss build

Players will first want to strengthen themselves using Ash of War: Seppuku. Players can apply Seppuku to both weapons before reapplying, making sure to first apply it to a katana in two-hand mode (closed-hand) and then switch to dual use. Then players just need to attack the enemies to see the damage increase. An effective build that can easily destroy players and bosses.
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