Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

  Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Looking for the best Arcane weapons to help build bleeding in Elden Ring? Here are the best ARC scaling weapons to help players take down even mid-game bosses.

Arcane builds are great for two things. Dealing bleed damage and helping players increase their exploration. It also gives you access to some powerful occult spells in the game, but it starts to glow when you have a weapon that can cause blood loss.

This may sound like a double-edged sword, however, as most blood-requiring abilities will take a toll on your health depending on your weapon.

When you're ready, the next few weapons will ensure you get the most out of your Arcane build. These are the best weapons in Elden Ring, scaled with Arcane.
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What Is Arcane Elden Doing In The Ring?

Arcane is one of eight Attributes that influence your character in Elden Ring. This Attribute directly affects the Discovery stat.

Exploration is the probability of getting items from defeated enemies.

Also, this Attribute directly affects divine defense and vitality as well. Some spells and spells are also affected by this Attribute.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Good ARC Weapon Options at Elden Ring

If you want to use an Arcane build, you'll want to have these weapons in your inventory!

bloody spiral

The Bloody Helice is a heavy thrusting sword that players can use to hit enemies with fast successive hits, which deals massive damage. This makes it easier for players to bleed to enemies, which deals massive damage.

His special ability, Dynast's Finesse, allows players to quickly dodge and attack, and follow up with a powerful lunge attack. If players make a heavy attack after the move, they will follow it up with a sweeping move.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Finding the Bloody Helix is ​​fairly simple, but requires players to take down a mini-boss. Head to the Writheblood Ruins, where you'll find a series of stairs leading underground.

Here you will need to defeat the Sanguine Noble. After defeating him, you'll be able to open the door behind him to reveal a chest where Bloody Helice will be waiting.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Eleonora's Poleblade

Eleonora's Poleblade is a fast but deadly weapon that allows players to easily dance around their opponents. It also causes blood loss, which, combined with its ability to take multiple hits within seconds, is pretty deadly against enemies.

His special ability, Bloodblade Dance, will blood the sword and unleash a swirling wave of attacks towards his opponents.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Finding Eleonora's Poleblade will require players to progress through Blood Finger Hunter Yura's questline. You'll find him first when buying another weapon from this list, Reduvia.
  • When this first battle is over, you'll need to talk to him down the valley.
  • After talking to him, you can once again find him on the bridge, north of the Raya Lucaria Main Gate.
  • Help him in battle and talk to him once more. From here you can go to the final destination, the Second Church of Marika.
Here you will fight Bloody Finger Eleonora after speaking to Yura one last time. Defeat it and you will be rewarded with the Poleblade.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build


The Reduvia is an excellent early-game dagger, making it one of the most accessible weapons for Arcane's early builds. It is a light weapon that can deal massive damage at a rapid rate.

Its only downside is its short range, but its special skill makes up for it. With the Reduvia Blood Blade, players can send a wave of blood to their enemies that causes damage and blood loss. Just be careful because every use will harm your health.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Players will be able to find Reduvia in the starting area, Limgrave. Head towards the lake and head north towards the ravine. Finally, you should see a message saying that Bloody Finger Nerijus has invaded you.

Fortunately, at the same time, Yura, the Bloodfinger Hunter, will come to your aid and automatically start the questline. Defeat Nerijus and Reduvia will be yours.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

blood rivers

The Rivers of Blood katana is probably one of the most powerful weapons Arcane users will find in the Elden Ring. Make sure you level up properly before embarking on this journey, as Lands Between is available in late game.

What sets this weapon apart from the others is its special ability, the Corpse Piler. The Corpse Piler allows players to unleash a flurry of blood-soaked attacks that will quickly lower an enemy's health, especially when you consider this weapon's passive blood loss ability.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Players will find it after unlocking the endgame area, the Mountaintop of the Giants. Head to Repose Church south of Giant's Gravepost.

Like most blood-soaked weapons, Rivers of Blood will be guarded by the Bloody Finger Okina. Defeat this boss and the Rivers of Blood will be yours.

Elden Ring: The Best ARC Weapons for Arcane Build

Once you've found your ideal primary Arcane weapon, you may want to start looking for the perfect talisman to complete your build.

And if you're not happy with Arcane but you've already leveled up too much to return, don't panic. Players can redefine their characters.

Some of the simpler weapons can also be used if combined with the right Ash of War. For Arcane builds, Seppuko Ash of War might be the way to go.
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