Elden Ring: Best PvP Invader Build for Easy Kill

 Elden Ring: Best PvP Invader Build for Easy Kill

Elden Ring: Best PvP Invader Build for Easy Kill

If you want to get very easy kills in Elden Ring's PvP, be sure to use this best invader build for your character!

While the huge, mysterious open world of Elden Ring may seem like a pretty lonely world, the game also has a very fun multiplayer component, especially considering that almost everything is out there to kill you.

Invading other players' worlds in Elden Ring is one of the most challenging and fun things you can do in the game. However, it is not always completely fair.

This is because players have found an insanely powerful build to beat other players in PvP. This strategy is so OP you don't even have to hit your opponent to kill them!

Elden Ring: Best PvP Invader Build for Easy Kill

Strongest 'Death Blight' PvP Invader Build in Elden Ring

The most powerful invading PvP build in Elden Ring combines Eclipse Shotel's curved sword with the Deadly Sin of Fire spell to cause an easy Death Blow!

Before you get into Elden Ring PvP using the strongest build, you'll need to upgrade your character a bit. This is because the equipment you are using has the following requirements:
  • Street: 10
  • Dex: 25
  • Per: 30

Next, you'll need to pick up both the Eclipse Shol curved sword and the Fire's Deadly Sin enchantment. You can find the Eclipse Shotel southeast of Fort Sol, at the church's altar.

You can also upgrade Eclipse Shotel using Somber Smithing Stones to make it even more powerful.

Meanwhile, the Deadly Sin spell of Fire is the reward for solving the Flightless Bird Coloring puzzle. The painting is on the first floor of Fortified Manor and where it shows (where Fire's Deadly Sin is), next to the cliff at Windmill Village, Dominula.

Additionally, you need to know how to use spells in Elden Ring.

Once your character meets the requirements and you have these two gears, you need to know the strategy.

Elden Ring: Best PvP Invader Build for Easy Kill

The Deadly Sin of Eclipse Shotel & Fire PvP 'Death Blight' Strategy

Using Eclipse Shotel's Death Flare weapon skill with Fire's Deadly Skin makes you virtually invincible in Elden Ring PvP!
  • First, equip Eclipse Shol and Fire's Deadly Sin and invade someone else's world.
  • When you find the other player, use Eclipse Shotel's weapon skill, Death Flare. This allows you to quickly build up the Death sickness on enemies.
  • Then, use Fire's Deadly Sin spell. This will engulf you and your surroundings in flames.
  • Get close to your enemy to damage them with fire. Every time you damage them with fire, Death sickness will build up on them thanks to the Death Glare from Eclipse Shotel.
  • Stay close to them by rolling for a few seconds until they are Death Blighted. This kills them instantly.
And this is how you can invade and kill your opponents easily in Elden Ring PvP. This build is so powerful that you can even make 1v3 opponents if you use it!
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