Elden Ring Fastest Speedrun World Record

  Elden Ring Fastest Speedrun World Record

Elden Ring Fastest Speedrun World Record

Elden Ring broke the Speedrun World Record with Distortion 2 using an entirely new route.

Despite being labeled the greatest game of all time, Elden Ring can be exhausting and punishing for the unprepared.

However, that hasn't stopped players from finding routes and setting incredible acceleration times.

This latest speedrun from Distortion 2 is the current speedrun World Record holder. So, Elden is the fastest person to complete the Ring Storyline.

Elden Ring Distortion 2 Time for ANY Speedrun World Record

Distortion 2 currently holds the Elden Ring World Record for Fastest Speed ​​Run by ANY percent with a time of 28:59.

Elden Ring Fastest Speedrun World Record

This means Distortion 2 is over and completing Elden Ring in less than 30 minutes. Making this the first 30-minute bottom run in Elden Ring history.

Just yesterday, Distortion 2 clocked 33:55, and now just a day later, it has beat that time by more than 5 minutes.

ANY% is a kind of speedrun that allows players to use all the necessary means to reach the end of the game. One of the exploits that players use to achieve this is misdirection.

With false distortion, players are actually tricking the game into respawning in different areas of the game. Distortion 2 also uses enemy attacks to block fall damage.

Distortion 2 may have the top right now, but LilAggy isn't far behind. LilAggy was the first person to record a speed run under 60 minutes at the Elden Ring.
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