Elden Ring Gold Seed Locations and Locations

 Elden Ring Gold Seed Locations and Locations

Elden Ring Gold Seed Locations and Locations

Looking for Golden Seeds at Elden Ring? These useful seeds allow you to upgrade your flasks, increasing the use of Crimson and Cerulean Flasks, to aid you when you encounter tough Elden Ring bosses or explore one of Elden Ring's many dungeons.

They can be found in the Lands In Between; You can spot them as they traverse the wide open world with the glowing Erdtree saplings making it easy to see from afar. To use Golden Seeds, rest at a Blessing Site and recharge your bottle, increasing the required amount of Golden Seeds by one with each upgrade. You can also select the Golden Seed as a Souvenir when choosing your Elden Ring class during character creation. You can upgrade your bottle ten times, and you can also find and use Sacred Tears to strengthen them.

There are approximately 28 Gold Seeds in Elden Ring - use our handy map below to find almost any Gold Seed. We don't have access to the underground map and some locations give more than one Golden Seed, which explains why there aren't 28 pins on the map.

Here are the Elden Ring Golden Seed locations:

Elden Ring Gold Seed Locations and Locations

Storm Valley Castle
weeping peninsula Liurnia of the
Lakes Siofra
Altus Plateau
Gelmir Mountain
Lyndell Royal Capital
Hills of Giants


Stormhill Shack - Inside the hut on the main road to Stormveil Castle, sapling appears next to some boxes (can be used when Roderika goes to the Round Table as a trader)
Stormhill Road – on the main road south of Stormhill Shack, this time heading into the forest
Fort Haight - At the
Stranded Graveyard – training ground just outside Fort Haight's south entrance , spend a Stone Sword Key to access a short dungeon. Defeat the boss to earn Golden Seeds


Stormveil Castle - Start at Liftside Chamber – Liftside Chamber in the courtyard between the big oak tree and the smaller glowing Erdtree , turn right until you reach a dead end. Look down and start descending to the ground floor, paying attention to each platform. Keep passing the mice to find the Golden Seed

weeping peninsula

Castle Morne Rampart - go beyond the broken castle wall and make sure you stay on the rocky terrain to the right. Stay near the cliff and descend to the platform with the Erdtree sapling


Academy Gate Town – next to the Erdtree sapling on a small island in the archipelago. Main Academy Gate close to Grace Estate
- on the broken bridge to the north of the academy, there is an Erdtree sapling just in front of the edge
Raya Lucaria Academy Grand Library - an Erdtree sapling growing near the east of the academy grounds
Manor Upper Level – in a courtyard after an elevator in Caria Manor. You will need to defeat a wolf that is patrolling the nearby area.
Ruin-Strewn Precipice Overlook - Scroll through the water to find the Erdtree sapling, being careful to avoid poisonous pods in the same area

SIOFRA Aqueduct

Under the Well – pass the archers and cross the bridge to find the Golden Seed


Atlus Highway Junction - go north of the Grace Atlus Highway Junction Area to find a Golden Seed
Luxury Ruins - Luxury Ruins You should be able to see the Golden See from the Grace Estate


Mt Gelmir - Head to the top of the mountain just above Volcano Manor to find the Erdtree sapling


Evil Path Bypass – go south into the forest, use the map to find the Golden Seed in the area above the big tree
Outer Wall Ghost Tree – travel to the Capital Edges and search under the Ghost Tree to find two Golden Seeds
Outer Wall Battlefield - two Golden Seeds placed along the northwest outer walls take the south road to find
Windmill Village – follow the road to Windmill Village, see the Phantom Tree


Grand Lift of Rold – go south of the Grand Lift of Rold Grace Zone to find an Erdtree sapling
Ordina, Liturgical Town – navigate to the big tree by the water on the map to find the Golden Seed


Roderika – If you give Roderika the Momento of the Chrysalis before going to the Round Table, she will reward you with a Golden Seed. After becoming a Merchant, this Golden Seed can be found in the Stormhill Shack where Roderika used to be.

And that's all you need to find every Golden Seed in the Elden Ring.


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