Elden Ring homage – changing stats, Sellen quest and more

 Elden Ring homage – changing stats, Sellen quest and more

Elden Ring homage – changing stats, Sellen quest and more

So you're looking for Elden Ring homage? One of the great things about the hugely popular fantasy game is that it doesn't lock you into the Elden Ring build of your choice. It may take some time before you can do this, but changing your stats to try something new is entirely possible provided you have some Larval Tear.

So if you want to learn how Elden Ring respect works, read on – we have all the information you need. First, you will need a specific Elden Ring Great Rune – the Great Rune of the Unborn. Unlike other Great Runes, this rune does not need the Divine Tower to unlock its power and you do not need to equip it. You get this rune by defeating Queen Full Moon Rennela.

After defeating her, Rennela will be available in the Reya Lucaria Grand Library where you can give her a Larval Tear to access the 'Rebirth' function. There are only a limited number of Larval Tears in the game - use TheLoadout's Larval Tear locations guide to help you find them all.


If you decide to take Sellen's side in the final installment of the questline, she will occupy the area where Rennela is typically located. We understand this may seem alarming because without Rennela there is no choice of respect, but never fear. Make sure you complete the Sellen quest completely, and then reload the area in the Great Library where Rennela is located. Regardless of what goes on during the mission and how you solve it, Rennela will be back in place when it's all over.

Sellen may or may not have turned into a giant rock at this point - he'll still be in the room and you can buy spells from him even in his new rock-ness form.

That's all you need to know about Elden Ring for the characters.
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