Elden Ring: How to Find D's Brother?

 Elden Ring: How to Find D's Brother?

Elden Ring: How to Find D's Brother?

Elden Ring is full of interesting NPCs for you to interact with. However, in typical FromSoftware fashion, not all of them are easy to find. Here's how to find D's Brother in Elden Ring and advance your questline!

With an unorthodox take on its story, it's entirely possible to miss out on some of Elden Ring's less obvious adventures. In doing so, you also lose the chance to get impressive loot!

And for the completionists among us, missing anything in a FromSoftware game can be extremely frustrating. One such quest objective you might miss involves finding an NPC related to D, Hunter of the Dead.

As part of D's (and Fia's) questline, you must find D's brother and wake him up from the imprisoned deep sleep.

 Elden Ring: How to Find D's Brother?

Where to Find D's Brother in Elden Ring?

Just D's brother is hard to find. In fact, even once you know its location, it is not easy to reach it.

This is because D's brother is located in the Eternal City of Nokron, a region you can only access after defeating a certain boss - General Radahn.

Radahn's death will trigger a falling meteorite (yes, that powerful) that will hit Nokron, opening the wall and creating an access point!

Elden Ring: How to Find D's Brother?

Where to go next in Nokron?

After passing through the secret entrance of the Eternal City Nokron, you will need to go to the Siofra Aqueduct.

Next, look at a balcony where someone is sitting on it. This is D's brother! The resting place will be near the Fog Gate. Get close and interact with it, then it's time to work on waking it up.
How to Awaken D's Brother

Waking him up is equally difficult as it requires a specific piece of equipment earned throughout D&Fia's questlines.

The item in question is D's Twin Armor, which can be obtained by killing D when encountered. However, this will of course keep you from seeking it.

Alternatively, continue the stories of D & Fia in Roundtable Hold and – without breaking anything here – the armor will come your way.

That's all you need to know about finding and waking D's brother in the Elden Ring. Good luck on your journey through the Lands In Between!


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