Elden Ring: How to Pause Without Mods

 Elden Ring: How to Pause Without Mods

Elden Ring: How to Pause Without Mods

The Lands Between Elden Ring provides some respite between encounters, but how do you catch your breath in the heat of battle? Here's how players on all platforms can pause Elden Ring without needing mods!

FromSoftware's unforgiving games like to keep the pressure on the player and keep the tension at a level most games can't reach.

A more unorthodox way to do this is to forbid you to pause the game. This highlights the constant danger of the game world and encourages planning and inventory management before each fight.

The PlayStation 5 launch title Demon's Souls, a remake of the original Souls-like game, actually gave players a pause. However, this was more of a workaround by enabling the game's Photo Mode.

Elden Ring: How to Pause Without Mods

Pausing Elden Ring Without Mode

In most games, simply pressing the 'Options' or 'Start' button will pause the action. However, Elden Ring keeps running as you scroll through your stats, leaving you vulnerable to enemy attacks.

But YouTuber IronPineapple discovered that a certain menu screen stopped the action. You'll still need to keep some distance from your enemies, as it takes a few clicks to get to it.

And the best part is that it works on all platforms, so Xbox, PlayStation and PC gamers can use this exploit for a breather.

First, go to your 'Inventory' screen. This alone takes a few seconds as it is not the first option on the list. The good news, though, is that you can still run while on this screen!

Next, you need to access the 'Help' screen. This will then bring up more options and the option you want will be 'Menu Description'.

Elden Ring: How to Pause Without Mods

This menu is designed to explain the information presented on the 'Inventory' screen, but actually stops your enemies in their tracks by pausing the Elden Ring.

Given the ambiguous nature of this workaround, it's fair to assume it could be an unintentional addition to the game. So be aware that it may be fixed in a future update.
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