Elden Ring: How to Track Missions?

 Elden Ring: How to Track Missions?

Elden Ring: How to Track Missions?

Elden Ring is a massive Souls-like game with an open world. There is a main story as well as many side and optional activities. So how do you follow the missions in Elden Ring?

First off, Elden Ring isn't your typical open world game. The map itself is not very clear and there aren't many reminders of what to do at a given moment.

Moreover, Elden Ring is a very difficult game. If you are playing as a mage, you may want to find this very powerful weapon for the early game.

Elden Ring: How to Track Missions?

All Methods of Watching Tasks in Elden Ring

Main Quests and Bosses

The main questline is highlighted in the Elden Ring with the yellow paths leading from your Grace Sites. You can also see the locations of all Grace Sites in the game here.

This yellow line guides you to the general perimeter of the main story. It usually shows you the way to the main bosses of the game.

Watch Side Quests

Simply put, there is no quest log or log you can look at. The best way to remember which character is where is therefore to take your own notes.

You can jot things down in a physical notebook or a digital notebook. I suggest you give a brief description of the potential side activities that some characters offer you.

The absence of the quest log is a great way to dive further into the world of Elden Ring. I personally write the most important things in my default notebook on my phone. You can also use Notepad on your PC or Word or any other digital text program.

There is another way to make this a little simpler. You can use "stamps" on your minimap so it highlights some points of interest for you as shown in the image below.

Elden Ring: How to Track Missions?

You open this menu by pressing X on Xbox and Square button on PlayStation. Each area of ​​the Elden Ring map contains some kind of mystery. Some places, such as castles or ruins, even appear on your minimap.

Make sure you take the time to explore because you might miss an interesting character or item. Use markers and take notes, because the game will not keep track of quests for you.
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