Elden Ring: How to Treat and Prevent Poison

  Elden Ring: How to Treat and Prevent Poison

Elden Ring: How to Treat and Prevent Poison

Elden Ring is a big game with lots of mechanics. There are many status effects that can be applied to both players and enemies. Let's take a closer look at one of them and find out how to treat it and avoid poison.

Status effects in Elden Ring can be positive or negative. Poison is definitely one of the most negative in the whole game.

If you get poisoned, you will start to lose your HP (Health Points). In a tough game like Elden Ring, this direct debuff is like a death sentence.

And if you're tired of being affected by Poison, why not return fire? Get the Rotten Breath Incantation to give Scarlot Rot to your enemies!

Elden Ring: How to Treat and Prevent Poison

How Does Poison Work in Elden Ring?

Poison is applied to the target in various ways. The most common are attacks from specific enemies, such as spells, skills, or poison arrows. You can also get poisoned by walking in toxic areas, but you've probably guessed that much.

Toxic areas tend to be green and when you stand in them you will see a poison bar slowly filling up on your screen. If it reaches the end, you will be poisoned.

Knowing how to heal poison will help you beat one of the most frustrating boss fights in Elden Ring!

How to Avoid Poisoning?

When it comes to terrain, the best way is to torrent on it. That way you can't be poisoned by your land.

If the torrent is not available at this location, go over it as soon as possible. Do not roll, because that means you will be poisoned even more.

To increase your resistance to poison, you can upgrade your Vigor stat or wear appropriate gear, including talismans, that give you poison immunity or increase Vigor.

If you don't know that Vigor also contributes to poison resistance, why not check out all the hidden Attribute effects in Elden Ring?

You can recover from a state of intoxication by consuming Neutralizing Boluses, a consumable item in Elden Ring. Coastal Cove'

You can also purchase the Armorer's Cookbook [2] from the same person and learn how to make a Neutralizing Bolus on your own with Herba, cave Moss, and the Great Dragonfly Head.

Elden Ring: How to Treat and Prevent Poison

Another method is to use Cure Poison Incantation. You can learn from Brother Corhyn over at Roundtable Hold. Costs 1000 Rune.

The third way is to always rest in the State of Grace, but all your enemies will respawn so make sure it's worth it.

You can also gain immunity to poison for a certain period of time by consuming Immunizing Cured Meat. It strengthens your immunity. It can be found around the world or purchased from the Nomad Merchant in Liurnia of the Lakes.


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