Elden Ring Leyndell guide: How to get through the Royal Capital

 Elden Ring Leyndell guide: How to get through the Royal Capital

Elden Ring Leyndell guide: How to get through the Royal Capital

Elden Ring's Legacy Dungeons are massive, and it's pretty easy for players to get lost in the platform mazes that FromSoftware has lovingly created in their latest RPG.

The Royal Capital Leyndell is a dungeon where players have an incredibly hard time.

The area is huge and the community finds it pretty easy to get lost as they wander for hours trying to get through the capital.

Hopefully, today's guide can help players by giving them an idea of ​​the dungeon's purposes and key areas they must pass through to easily maneuver through the city.

Passing Royal Capital Leyndell on Elden Ring

Getting through the puzzle that is Elden Ring's Leyndell is no cup of tea, and although the area is designed to be challenging, players can make their time in the dungeon easier by following some of the steps below:
  • After reaching the Capital Walls Grace Zone, the Blackened will need to head to the northeast corner of the dungeon, where on the left they will see a staircase leading to an elevator. After using the tool, they will move up and then be able to continue their way through two doors until they reach a room full of benches. After turning south, they will find two flights of stairs where they will encounter another Place of Blessing.
  • Using this site as their hub, they can now enter the city properly, and for now, they must make their way south until they find an enemy blocking their way. Players can either choose to defeat the massive enemy or get past it by jumping over the barrier on the right and then jumping to the rooftop below. After setting up platforms on several roofs, they can descend into the street when they reach the tower, which has a yellow bell tower. They must then proceed south until an enemy falls in front of them, but instead of dealing with the enemy, they can pass it and activate the Grace Site just behind them.
  • Elden Ring fans can now descend the nearby stairs and continue until they reach a dragon statue that they must jump over. More platforms will be required at this point and will now have to follow the edge of the southbound wing until they reach the main body of the statue. After that, they should come out of the wing to the west, then go south until an item drops down, which is where they should descend from the statue.
  • Players will now find a ladder placed on the other side of the item, then continue to progress until they reach another Lost Site of Grace. There, they can go down another staircase held beyond, and then look for a barrier with a broken section to the right. After they cross this and head west, they will eventually find a huge tree root.
  • Players will be able to travel on the root, which is the path directly to a boss fight. Defeating this boss will create another Zone of Grace that the Blackened must activate. They then need to land on another huge root that should take them to a platform above. Then, following the path in front of them, they will eventually reach the last boss of the area. Players will be able to complete the Royal Capital Leyndell after defeating this boss.
Platforming between raised planks and roofs is a great way to easily navigate the Old Dungeons in the Elden Ring. Going down the more common route can complicate things unnecessarily, and in certain areas like the Royal Capital, it's better to bypass some of the mobs and activate multiple Grace Sites.


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