Every Great Rune in Elden Ring

 Every Great Rune in Elden Ring

Every Great Rune in Elden Ring

Elden Ring is filled with boss fights that earn most players tons of money and new equipment. But there is one important item that will be dropped by only a few of the biggest bosses in the game.

Great Runes are the key to progress in the story, but they also bring great benefits in the game. Each one is dropped by a Demigod and requires hard work to use it properly.

Every Great Rune in Elden Ring

  • Godrick's Great Rune: Dropped by a grafted Godrick. Once equipped, increases each attribute by five.
  • Radahn's Great Rune: Starscourge was dropped by Radahn. When activated, it increases HP by 15%, Stamina by 12.5%, and FP by 12.5%.
  • Malenia's Great Rune: Miquella's Sword was dropped by Malenia. This regenerates some health each time a player hits after taking damage, turning Elden Ring into Bloodborne.
  • Morgott's Great Rune: Dropped by Morgott, the King of the Omen. Gives the player a 25% increase to max health.
  • Rykard's Great Rune: Dropped by the Blasphemy Lord Rykard. Each time they kill an enemy, they heal approximately 8.5% of the player's maximum health.
  • Mohg's Great Rune: Dropped by the Blood Lord Mohg. Grants a boon to summoned ghosts that give the player a small health boost each time the ghosts kill an enemy.
These six Great Runes are crucial to completing the main story of the Elden Ring. To access the final area of ​​the game, players will need at least two, and one will need to be awakened. There are four additional Great Runes that can be skipped but benefit the player.
  • Great Rune of the Unborn: Dropped by the Full Moon Queen Rennala. This Rune unlocks the Rebirth option in the Reya Lucaria Grand Library, which allows players to respect their characters.
  • Reparative Build of the Death-Prince: Earned by completing Fia's questline. It can only be used after defeating the final boss and unlocks an alternate ending.
  • Mending Rune of the Fell Curse: Earned by completing Dung Eater's requests. This also unlocks a different alternate ending.
  • Repair Rune of Perfect Order: Dropped by Goldmask at the end of Brother Coryn's questline. Yet another alternate ending.

Using Major Runes in Elden Ring

Unlocking the Great Runes is a significant challenge, but actually using them is another complex task. Players can only use one Great Rune at a time and must use an item to activate them.

Each of the ten Great Runes tells the player where to go to awaken them. Doing so often requires some traveling to find where to wake up.

After awakening the Great Rune, players need an item called the Rune Arc. Using a Rune Bow activates the currently selected Great Rune. They remain active until the player is killed, after which they need another to use it again.

Great Runes are a powerful item in Elden Ring, but it takes a lot of time to use them.


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