Hogwarts Legacy State of Play: Date, time and more

  Hogwarts Legacy State of Play: Date, time and more

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play: Date, time and more

After more than a year of silence, the developers behind Hogwarts Legacy are finally getting ready to showcase the gameplay, and players are rightly excited about it.

The upcoming wizarding RPG will feature its own exclusive Game State on March 17, featuring over 14 minutes of gameplay that will give players a fresh new look.

The hype and anticipation surrounding Hogwarts Legacy is growing. Also earlier in the year Warner Bros. confirmed that the game will be released in 2022. Since then, players have been clamoring for new information about the game.

It seems that their prayers were answered.

Come March 17, players will finally be able to see the wizarding world of Hogwarts Legacy

The only visual that the game's developers released before today's announcement was the official promotional trailer in 2020, which, incidentally, was viewed more than 28 million times. Custom Game Status is therefore an excellent move and will definitely make a lot of fans happy.

Hogwarts Legacy State of Play will feature WB and Avalanche Software partnering with PlayStation and will take place on Thursday, March 17. The game will be streamed on PlayStation's YouTube and Twitch channels from 2pm PT / 5pm ET / 10pm CET / 2:30am. IST.

According to some in the industry, it was said that players will take a fresh look at Hogwarts Legacy in March and the likely scene will be PlayStation March State of Play. It wasn't disappointing as the game wasn't featured in the March 9 event .

Today's blog post will make fans of the headlines extremely happy, as it covers new developments. They were expecting some news about the game, and after March 9, some even angrily speculated that the game was dead.

Hogwarts Legacy will bring players a whole new journey when it arrives later this year. Set in the late 1800s, the RPG will focus on a number of locations, including Hogwarts Castle, the Forbidden Forest, and Hogsmeade.

Players will step into the life of a fifth grader by taking magic lessons at the famous school and embark on their own unique journey to experience the unwritten. They'll be excited to see what the developers are up to when March 17 arrives.
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