How does New Game Plus work in Elden Ring?

  How does New Game Plus work in Elden Ring?

How does New Game Plus work in Elden Ring?

Along with many parallels between Elden Ring and FromSoftware's past Soulsborne games, one feature remains constant: New Game Plus (NG+). Even in Demon's Souls it formed the basis of their games.

Elden Ring's New Game Plus mod works just like previous Soulsborne games from FromSoftware. An opportunity for players to re-experience the game from the beginning with the same character.

Of course, New Game Plus is more of a repetition of the story as the game increases to keep up the difficulty. Most importantly, users are again given the option to choose a different path.

Elden Ring: Most of a player's progress is carried over to New Game Plus

Is New Game Plus changing the world?

Little has changed between New Game Plus and first time through Elden Ring. The most important difference is the difficulty, as mentioned earlier.

Enemies are also stronger to keep the game challenging as players are exponentially stronger on the go. But in return, users get more Runes.

As for the world of Lands Between, it's pretty much the same. While there is no new content, it offers players a great way to try a different path.

There are some NPCs and side quests that are locked once due to player selection, so this is an opportunity to try something else.

What does and does not move to New Game Plus?

Fortunately, after launching New Game Plus in Elden Ring, the most important aspects of the character are conveyed:
Player equipment (armor, weapons, talismans)
  • Spells from all magic schools
  • Memory Slots
  • cookbooks
  • Map Pieces
  • Stone Sword Keys
  • Boss Memories
  • Vials (including upgrades and Sacred Tears)
  • Golden Seeds
Most not transferred are story-related highlights, quest progression, and NPC relationships. For example, if users started a task but did not finish it, they must restart it.

And NPCs that were once hostile to players (due to your actions) are also reset.

Also, these won't continue either:
  • Great Runes
  • Bell Bearings
  • Elevator-related Medallions, such as the Dectus Locket
  • Grace Sites
Considering what can go and what can't, it would be advantageous to get as many items as possible before switching to New Game Plus. For example, Stone Sword Keys are scarce but persist.

However, launching New Game Plus will revive the Stonesword Keys in their original place. The same goes for Golden Seeds.
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