How long does it take to reach level 50 in Lost Ark?

  How long does it take to reach level 50 in Lost Ark?

How long does it take to reach level 50 in Lost Ark?

Lost Ark players have one goal when they start the game: to reach level 50.

Level 50 is where the meat of the Smilegate MMORPG is available. Certain dungeons, raids, and more are accessible after a player reaches the coveted level 50.

But getting there can be a bit of a hassle. Some players have spent dozens of hours playing the game at their own pace, but the consensus is that it takes between 25 and 30 hours.
Casual players can reach level 50 in Lost Ark in about 25 hours.

A handful of players have dedicated their entire time to leveling up their characters. This has seen them reach level 50 in about 15 hours and a few cases in as little as 10 hours.

Ordinary players who may have just started their MMORPG journey with Lost Ark will not be able to achieve this success. Instead, they're looking at around 25 hours of playtime to reach level 50.

The speed with which a player can move around the world of Arkesia and level up their character is entirely dependent on them. They are advised to take time to enjoy the game, so 25 to 30 hours is a solid estimate.

How to reach level 50 in Lost Ark

Players may want to know what to do to level up to 50 in this 25-30 timeframe. There's a lot to do in Arkesia to level up your character.

While this is not the maximum level, it is a level that must be reached in order to access the endgame content. Even after that, it takes much more hours to reach the maximum level that Smilegate can raise quickly.

Here are some things you need to do to reach level 50:
  • Complete main story missions
  • Use Power Up to level up fast
  • Fast travel to reach main mission target locations
  • Use area of ​​effect attacks to defeat multiple enemies at once
  • Choose normal difficulty for dungeons to complete fast and continue
Reaching level 50 in Lost Ark can be done extremely quickly with the right mindset and knowledge of the game. Otherwise it will be done in a few dozen hours taking the typical route, give or take.
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