How to complete Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

  How to complete Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

How to complete Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

There are many different activities that Lost Ark players can participate in. Gates of Chaos are endgame activities they can complete to earn special items and loot.

Chaos Gates are offered at different levels according to the current hardware levels of the users. Here's how they can access and complete the Chaos Gates in Lost Ark and start earning some loot .

How can players complete Chaos Gates in Lost Ark?

There are many different reasons players might want to enter a Chaos Gate. This is because many riches can be obtained from completing them.

They'll need to prepare themselves by opening Procyon's Compass and turning on the "appear notification info". This will show when the next Chaos Gate is available. Users should then choose the one that suits their hardware level.

Choosing the Right Chaos Gate

Players will find that there are several different Chaos Gate categories. They will be greeted with a list of names including:
  • Twisted Chaos Legion
  • Twisting Dark Legion
  • Twisted Plague Legion
  • Twisted Ghost Legion
However, players will want to focus on the equipment level/item level required to ensure their success while completing the Chaos Gate. When they choose one, it will highlight on the map where they should go.

Users must go to the required place and wait for the approaching Chaos Gate.

What can players expect inside the Chaos Gate?

There are minor differences for all the different types of Chaos Gates, but they remain essentially the same. Players will have a set time to defeat the boss and they must work together to kill the enemies that stand in their way.

They must stick together and work as a team to destroy all the enemies and kill the final boss. Once the boss is knocked down, users will be able to claim the loot.

There's all kinds of great loot to complete the Chaos Gate

Players can access many different types of rewards by completing a Chaos Gate. Some items are things like Secret Maps that lead them to valuable items. Secret Maps are auctioned at the end of a Chaos Gate.

Players can also earn Card Packs to earn a random card for their deck, Rage to help boost their skills, or Rift Pieces to trade for Hidden Maps.
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