How to complete Sellen or Jerren's questline and obtain the Witch's Glintstone Crown in Elden Ring?

  How to complete Sellen or Jerren's questline and obtain the Witch's Glintstone Crown in Elden Ring?

How to complete Sellen or Jerren's questline and obtain the Witch's Glintstone Crown in Elden Ring?

There are many additional side quests and NPS questlines that players can seek to complete in Elden Ring, as many of them are intrinsically tied to one of the game's several endings.

FromSoftware is notorious for not holding the player's hand when it comes to helping the player with their next goal. The lack of an objective marker made it extremely difficult for new players to find their way around the vast world of Lands Between.

One of such a large questline that players have a hard time completing is the quest around Sellen and Jerren. Some complications arise as to what furthers the quest for the NPCs in the Elden Ring and who Blackened should choose between Sellen and Jerren to complete the quest.

Hopefully, today's guide will make things easier for those struggling with it and help them obtain the Witch's Shining Crown, an incredibly important piece of armor for mages, as it strengthens the Arcane of intelligence at the expense of Endurance.

Completing Sellen and Jerren's questline in Elden Ring

There are several steps players must complete in order to complete Sellen or Jerren's questline and receive the Witch's Glintstone Crown.

1) Activating Sellen's questline

To activate Sellen's questline, players must first find Sellen by going east of the map to the Waypoint Ruins at the Limgrave opening of the Elden Ring, where they will come down from a vault and encounter the Crazy Pumpkin Head guarding a door. After killing the enemy, they will open the door from behind and find the sorcerer of Raya Lucaria Academy in it.

At this point, Glintstone is a very valuable NPC who will sell their enchantments, and it is recommended that Tarnished, which is moving to a more mage-oriented build, be unlocked as soon as possible.

The next time players will need to talk to him, it will be after Raya defeats Renalla at Lucaria Academy and goes to Hermit Village on Gelmir Mountain. In the village they will meet Primal Mage Azur and players will be asked to take the Comet Azur spell from him.

After taking the spell from him, returning to Sellen at the Waypoint Ruins and interacting with him, the questline will automatically begin.

2) Using the Sellian Seal Breaker in Sellia Village of Elden Ring

Sellen's questline will begin as soon as Sellian hands the Seal Breaker to Elden Ring Blackened. Players will now need to head to the Sellia Wizarding Village in Caelid, and the most convenient way to reach it is through the Fort Faroth Grace Zone.

After activating the Plague Site of Grace in the church, players will need to head west and search for a graveyard to come across a tall tombstone containing a working wall just behind it.

The wall is an illusion and hitting it will reveal Sellia Hideway's entrance. Players will see a blue crystal bridge after making their way through the dungeon. Once past which one they will have to continue descending to lower platforms until they reach the foundation ground.

After platforming across several gaps, they will reach a point where they can spot a crystal snail. After falling further, they will encounter a mage enemy guarding a blue seal, where the Blackened ones must use the Sellian Seal Breaker.

3) Finding Sellen in Witchbane Ruins and The Rise of Ranni

From this point on, Sellen's questline will only progress after the players defeat Radahn. After doing this, they will need to head to the Witchbane Ruins, located south of Limgrave on the Weeping Peninsula.

The ruins will be near the fourth Marika Grace Estate Church, and from there they will find the entrance to a crypt in the ruins, where they will find Sellen chained. After talking to him, players will receive Sellen's Primal Glow Stone.

Elden Ring Blackened's next encounter with the mage will be at Ranni's Rise, beyond Caria Mansion. Players will be asked to look for downhill ruins where there will be an imaginary floor between the two arches.

After breaking it, they will find Sellen's corpse and interact with him,

4) Interaction with Jerren at Castle Redmane

After this interaction, players will now go to the Redmane Castle in Caelid and reach the Room Outside the Plaza Site of Grace. After heading north from here, they'll eventually meet up with Jerren, who is sitting on a chair inside, and Tarnished will need to exhaust all dialogue options to progress through the questline.

After doing this, players will be asked to once again return to the Weeping Peninsula and head to the Witchbane Ruins once again. They will encounter Jerren once again and then exhaust their dialogue options.

5) Who should the players choose between Sellen and Jerren?

This questline completes the Blackened side with either Sellen or Jerren. From Witchbane Ruins, players must travel to the Raya Lucaria large Library Site Grace, where they battle Renalla as the boss in the Elden Ring.

Once out the door, they will see two call signs, one for Jerren and the other for Sellen, where players will have to decide who they want to choose, as their choice will lead to the death of the other.

After selecting Sellen to kill Jerren, players will receive:
  • Eccentric Armor set
  • Glintstone Kris dagger
  • Shard Spiral witchcraft (added to the shop)
  • Witch's Shining Crown
After selecting Jerren, they will receive:
  • rune bow
  • Furlcalling Finger Solution
  • Selen's Bell Bed
  • Witch's Shining Crown
Elden Ring players are guaranteed to drop the Witch's Radiant Crown for either option. However, the rest of the collections are just a matter of preference. So the Blackened can choose either one depending on the items they want to acquire.
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