How to find Ash of War: Ice Spear in Elden Ring

  How to find Ash of War: Ice Spear in Elden Ring

How to find Ash of War: Ice Spear in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players can use Ice Spear Ash of War to upgrade spears and twin blades.

Any spear or twin blade capable of repulsion can be given to Ash of War: Ice Spear. Whatever weapon it's assigned to, grants it the Cold proximity and the Ice Spear skill.

Those looking to upgrade a weapon with this Ash of War should head to the Liurnia of the Lakes region. Night's Calvary boss drops him off near the broken Gate Town Bridge.

Where to get Ash of War: Ice Spear in Elden Ring

Liurnia of the Lakes is north of the Limgrave starting area. Players can travel through Stormveil Castle or follow the eastern cliff next to the broken bridge.

Both of these routes terminate at the Lake-Facing Cliff Site of Grace. Head towards the tombstones jutting out of the cliff and follow the road to the northeast. From there, players will find a path to the east that continues north.

They can begin their journey to obtain Ash of War: Ice Spear in Elden Ring here:
  • Pass by the Purified Ruins
  • Reach the broken bridge leading to Raya Lucaria Academy.
  • Activate Gate Town Bridge Site of Grace and rest till night
  • Take a step back on the road to the southeast
  • Find the foggy area at night and the boss will appear
  • Ash of War: Defeat Night's Calvary to get Ice Spear
This boss is relatively easy to beat while driving in torrent. Stay on horseback and hit methodically to land him. If beaten, Ash of War is rewarded.

Effects of Ash of War: Ice Spear

Once obtained, these Battle Ashes can be used to upgrade several spears and twin blades. Make sure the weapon is capable of pushing so that War Ash can be assigned.

Once this is done, players can expect:
  • Cold Affinity: Adds freeze formation
  • Increases intelligence scaling
  • Reduces all other scaling
  • Ice Spear Skill: Spins the weapon to unleash cold magic and transforms the weapon into an ice spear
An Elden Ring player out to build intelligence will spend a field day with Ash of War: Ice Spear and its effects.
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