How to find Ash of War: Shield Crash in Elden Ring

  How to find Ash of War: Shield Crash in Elden Ring

How to find Ash of War: Shield Crash in Elden Ring

Ash of War: Shield Crash can be used to strengthen all Elden Ring shields with the Shield Crash skill.

Ashes of War are upgrade materials available in the Lands Between. They allow weapon skills and affinities to replace new ones that correspond to the specific Ash of War used

As for Ash of War: Shield Crash, players can find it inside the Lux Ruins. This is a location in the Altus Plateau area. Shield Crash will be awarded after defeating a certain Teardrop Scarab.

Where can you get Ash of War: Shield Crash in Elden Ring?

It is halfway between the Lux Ruins, Wyndham Ruins and Dectus' Great Pavement. Going south or north will lead players to ruins that are hard to miss.

The nearest Grace District is the Erdtree-Gazing Hill Grace District, north of the Lux Ruins. If he hasn't already, it's best to activate it and use it for fast travel or as a respawn point if the player dies while in the ruins.

Here's how to find the Teardrop Scarab and get Ash of War: Shield Crash from it:
  • Arrive at the Lux Ruins entrance
  • Defeat all enemies blocking the entrance
  • Follow the main lane and defeat more enemies
  • Look right at the end of the corridor
  • Take out a bow and arrow, then aim at the silver ball
  • Shoot with a heavy bow attack and the ball should disappear
  • Get Ash of War: Shield Crash from the falling Teardrop Scarab
  • Return to Table of Lost Grace and talk to Hewg to access Ash of War

What is Ash of War: Shield Crash doing in Elden Ring?

Adding Ash of War: Shield Crash to any shield in Elden Ring will grant it the Shield Crash skill. This particular Ash of War only comes with this ability and not any intimacy.

The Shield Crash skill allows players to hold their shields with both hands and charge forward. They keep their guard while charging at enemies and push weaker enemies back.

Some enemies may even find themselves staggered and vulnerable to extra hits when Shield Crash lands on them. Players can hold the Shield Crash to prolong the forward charge.
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