How to find Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring?

 How to find Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring?

How to find Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring?

The Church of Inhibition is a challenging place for players to reach in the Elden Ring. The path to the ruins of this old church is relatively simple. However, everything that makes the road particularly difficult.

The Church of the Inhibition is the focus of a side quest featuring Hyetta. And if users choose to ignore this post entirely, it's still worth a visit for the valuables.

Either way, those wishing to visit the ruined church on the Elden Ring will have to travel to northern Liurnia of the Lakes. Here is the way forward.

Elden Ring: The Church of the Inhibition is located in the Liurnia region of the Lakes.

The Church of the Blocking lies deep within the Liurnia of the Lakes and almost embraces the northernmost limits of the region. A small erdtree nearby shines with the ruined church sitting atop a steep cliff.

Players will have to go through the hills and the Frenzied Flame Village to reach the church.

Starting from Bellum Church, they should look east and see two mountains that divide into a valley and small hills at its base. Users can go to the hills below.

They must board the Torrent and use the nearby rocks as cover to avoid the large projectiles that will be launched towards them.

How to find Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring?

Players should hug the foot of the eastern mountain and continue on the road. At some point, they will see a tower with a wild flame on top - this causes Madness.

If players can see this, they are in danger. They can use mountains and rocks to break the line of sight and wait for the Madness meter to empty before following the cliff again.

Passing the tower above and to their left of the road, users will arrive at Frenzied Flame Village on the Elden Ring. They can go west directly through the village and turn right onto a slope that goes up the wall. Following the trail, the tower will be on its right, but the Church of Inhibition will appear.

How to find Church of Inhibition in Elden Ring?

Arriving at the Church of the Inhibition in Elden Ring will spawn the NPC invader Festering Spirit Vyke, who drops the Fingerprint Grape for Hyette. Players can fight it, or take in the Site of Grace and try it later.

The Church of the Inhibition contains the Rowa Fruit, Yellow Eye, Gold-Tinger Excreta, Holy Tear, and Finger Maiden armor set.


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