How to find Toxic Fang in Elden Ring

  How to find Toxic Fang in Elden Ring

How to find Toxic Fang in Elden Ring

The Poison Fang is a claw weapon that players can use to inflict poison damage in Elden Ring.

The weapon primarily scales with Strength and Dexterity. His base physical damage is 92 and his base critical damage is 100.

Toxic Fang requires players to have nine Strengths and nine Skills to use.

Players do not need to fight a boss to obtain this poisonous claw. Instead, they just have to go to his location in Caelid to find him.

Steps to find Toxic Tooth in Elden Ring

Caelid lies east of Limgrave. The ground there is almost completely red, and the entire area is filled with some of the most dangerous enemies in the game.

After reaching Caelid, players will need to follow these steps to obtain the Poison Fang:

Step 1: Follow the main path to the Telescope.

Step 2: Head east until the ravine.

Step 3: Follow the tree roots along the ravine to a cave.

Step 4: Enter the Abandoned Cave and proceed.

Step 5: Watch out for Scarlet Rot and smallpox enemies in the cave. These enemies can get the best of any player if they're not careful. Players just have to make sure to hit them first. This extra damage will help when it comes to completely destroying them.

Step 6: Find the pile of dead Abductee Virgin behind the Giant Poison Flower.

Step 7: Use the stack as a way to jump to the ledge above.

Step 8: Get the Poison Fang from the ledge.

What is Poison Tooth?

How to find Toxic Fang in Elden Ring

As mentioned earlier, the Poison Fang is a claw weapon that causes a buildup of venom. When an enemy reaches the threshold after many hits, they will begin to lose HP due to poison.

Venomous Fang can be infused with Ashes of War. It can also be upgraded with Smithing Stones. This works wonders with the Quickstep skill that comes with the weapon.

Quickstep is described in the Elden Ring as "a skill rewarded by cunning and quick feet". Users perform a quick step maneuver that allows them to quickly circle around a locked target to hit from various angles.
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