How to get Deathbed Dress in Elden Ring?

  How to get Deathbed Dress in Elden Ring?

How to get Deathbed Dress in Elden Ring?

While wearable gear isn't as plentiful as guns in Elden Ring, players do have plenty of outfits to choose from in the game. Each armor set brings something new and different to the table. Because of this, players often have a hard time choosing when choosing their outfits in the game.

However, there is one piece of armor that a large part of the Elden Ring community is overdoing, not just for its passive effects, but for its fashion as well. "Spirits of Fashion" are a big thing in the Soulsborne community, and Elden Ring gives the Tarnished many options to dress their characters in style as they discover the secrets of the Lands Between.

That's why many gamers feel that FromSoftware did a great job with the Deathbed Dress when it comes to fashion. It is considered one of the most unique armor pieces in the game, as it looks good and has a passive that heals allies around it.

But getting the armor can be a bit of a challenge, as there are players who have trouble getting it. Hopefully, today's guide can help them with that.

Obtaining the Deathbed Dress in Elden Ring

The Deathbed Dress isn't something the Tarnished can get hold of in the early game. They need to advance a significant amount in the main narrative and reach Leyndell, the Royal Capital, at least until they can obtain the item.

Therefore, to get the Deathbed Suit in Elden Ring, players must:
  • Proceed to the ground level of the area to the Lower Capital Church Grace District in the Royal Capital Leyndell. The blackened will have to make their way from the capital's main Grace Zone to the castle's sewer area.
  • A ladder will lead them directly to the Lower Church Grace Zone, which the Tarnished must activate.
  • Next to it, they'll find a fiber on which a flying item drop glows, which will automatically give them a Deathbed Suit by interacting with it.
  • Additionally, players will also be able to purchase the full Lionel Set from bed, which is the perfect food for those who want to play tanks in the Elden Ring. The armor set increases significantly once physically defended, but at the expense of mobility.
The Deathbed Suit is a Light chest piece that slowly regenerates the HP of nearby allies, but does not regenerate the wearer's HP. However, it's important to note here that players won't be able to get it after a point in the game. It is therefore recommended that those interested should get their hands on Leyndell as soon as they unlock it.
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