How to get the Exiled Knight Halberd +8 early in Elden Ring

 How to get the Exiled Knight Halberd +8 early in Elden Ring

How to get the Exiled Knight Halberd +8 early in Elden Ring

There are lots of weapons to choose from in Elden Ring . Depending on one's make-up and the character they're trying to create, Lands In Between has a lot to offer, and Blackened can be anyone they want to be.

From katanas to wands to daggers and claws, FromSoftware's newest RPG has something for everyone. Players looking for a higher quality build (which scales both Strength and Dex) seem to be looking at a particular weapon that can be obtained very easily early in the game.

Banished Knight's Halberd +8 has gradually become a crowd favorite as it is easily obtainable early on and gives players a high amount of damage and crowd control while still exploring Limgrave.

The weapon makes exploring the more difficult areas of the opening map incredibly easy and can help clear dungeons instantly. Therefore, today's guide will try to help players who are looking for a quality build and want to get through everything Limgrave and the Weeping Peninsula have to overcome in a much easier way.

Getting Banished Knight Halberd +8 in Elden Ring

Elden Ring players will be able to obtain Banished Knight Halberd +8 in three special ways. However, only the first two methods allow players to acquire the weapon very early, the third requiring them to complete an NPC questline.

1) Killing the Exiled Knights in Stormveil Castle and praying for RNG

One of the first ways to bring Halberd into the game is to travel to Stormveil Castle immediately after defeating Margit. There will be many Exile Knights in the area carrying the weapon, and players can choose to kill them repeatedly until the item drops.

This method relies heavily on RNG (random number generation), and if Blackened is lucky, they'll be able to get the weapon in the first few encounters or it may take a significant amount of time to try before they drop.

Having a higher Arcane stat can help the process, but players will still have to kill Knights over and over again.

2) Killing Edgar while he's still in Morne Castle

The second method, which is guaranteed to drop, is not something Elden Ring players are advised to opt for if they want to finish Irina's questline. At Morne Castle on the Weeping Peninsula, Anne forces Irina's father to kill NPC Edgar, thereby obtaining the weapon as a drop.

After talking with Irina near the bridge connecting the Weeping Peninsula to Limgrave, players should head directly south to Morne Castle, where they will find Edgar at the top of the castle's northwest tower.

At first, Castle Morne may sound like a devious puzzle, but it won't take long for players to familiarize themselves with this place and eventually make their way to the NPC. Killing him there will automatically grant players Banished Knight Halberd +8 .

3) Kill the invader Edgar

The final way to get the weapon depends on players first completing Irina's questline and then heading to Ravenger's Shack, located north of Erdtree in western Liurnia in the Elden Ring.

After completing the objective in Castle Morne, where players don't let the Grafted Blade Greatsword's precious weapon fall into the wrong hands, they will complete the questline with Irina dead and Edgar mourning for her and vowing revenge.

From there, players must either fight in Stormveil Castle or navigate around to reach Liurnia of the Lake and then head to Ranvenger's Shack. Once there, the Blackened will be invaded by Edgar as a vengeful spirit they must defeat to get the exiled Knight's Halberd +8.


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