How to get Frost resistance in Elden Ring?

  How to get Frost resistance in Elden Ring?

How to get Frost resistance in Elden Ring?

How to get Frost resistance in Elden Ring? Might be one of the highlights in Elden Ring, especially as players head further north to the Blessed Snowfields and Mountain Peaks of the Giants.

But getting that resistance can be a chore in itself, and the in-game nomenclature is confusing. Fortunately, there  are a few different ways players can increase their Frost resistance and their Health in general.

Both effects due to Robustness can easily take away half of a player's health in seconds, including Frostbite. If players hope to take down Commander Niall or the Borealis Dragon in the north, the key to survival is preparation.

Increased Frost Resistance and Robustness in Elden Ring

How to get Frost resistance in Elden Ring?

Players should note that Frost Resistance is part of the Robustness status in Elden Ring. While some items in the game will be tagged with Frost damage or mitigation, the defense aspect is tied to a shared Toughness number.

This works the same as any other basic effect in the game, especially those with a backlog meter on enemies or players.

Methods of Increasing Frost Resistance:

  • Find the Stalwart Horn Charm Talisman that gives a durability boost.
  • The +1 version of this talisman can be found in the west of the Blessed Snow Fields.
  • Use succulent consumables like Refreshing White Cured Meat. These will temporarily increase resistances.
  • All armors have defense and resistance stats. Seeking sets with higher Toughness will defend against Frost.
  • Radahn's Lion Armor is an example of a set with a Hardness stat at 99.
  • The Spotted Hard Tear in the Physique Bottle is another way to add resistance.
  • One of the last ways to reduce Frost formation if a freeze event is about to occur is to use Thaw Boluses.
Frost depends on Solidity. Therefore, players can also use many of the suggestions above on other items as long as they correspond.

What else depends on Robustness at Elden Ring?

Another health-related element is Bleed damage, and it works almost the same as Frostbite. The main effect is fixed, although the two damage types have some differences and Bleed is typically considered the stronger.

Each time Bleed or Frost's full meter is increased, the enemy or player instantly loses some health. Having the right resistances can mean life and death against these elements. Other items usually get damaged over time, but this is not the case with Bleed or Frost.
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