How to get the Malformed Dragon armor set in Elden Ring?

  How to get the Malformed Dragon armor set in Elden Ring?

How to get the Malformed Dragon armor set in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has enough variety to allow for any play style a player can imagine. The game offers more options than any previous SoulsBorne game, and each player has a radically unique experience.

The Malformed Dragon Armor Set is a heavy set of bronze colored scale, somewhat more like a natural Ornstein. The four-piece suit provides some of the best protection against elemental powers and magic attacks.

Finding the Malformed Dragon Armor Set in Elden Ring

To earn this armor , Elden Ring players must defeat the Draconic Tree Sentinel who is currently wearing it. The enemy appears in two places, but only the one in Crumbling Farum Azula drops the armor.

Reaching Crumbling Farum Azula is a challenge and can only be used reasonably late in the game. The small area is the Legacy Dungeon. Players can only access it via speech.

Find Melina on the Grace Site in the Giants Quarry. After talking to him, the player's character falls asleep and reawakens in Crumbling Farum Azula.

Once there, players will have to fight multiple gates and the enemies guarding them. The Dragon Tree Sentry guards one of the last gates but can be safely avoided.

Fighting the Draconic Tree Sentinel is very similar to the boss fight version of the enemy in Capital Outskirts. He attacks with a large mace and summons lightning bolts that deal a lot of damage. Defeating him in battle will grant a Malformed Dragon Set.

How good is the Malformed Dragon Set?

There are a lot of armor sets in Elden Ring, but there are a few things that make the Malformed Dragon Set stand out. The armor's excellent aesthetic presentation is only part of its appeal.

The suit is a heavy set, so it affects the maneuverability of the player's character, making it difficult to roll or run effectively. At 38 Weight, there are definitely heavier armor sets, but this will be a drop in player speed.

He makes up for his lack of movement speed with his resistances. The suit has great physical resistance to piercings, cuts and blows. Its magic resistance is not very high, but it is solid.

The most impressive aspect of the Malformed Dragon Set is its Immunity and Toughness. At 135 and 181 respectively, poison, burn, bleeding, and freezing will not be a problem for this armor set. Against certain bosses and enemy types this takes the challenge away.

Elden Ring players have the option to build themselves to any suit of armor. Players can run any set for themselves, with talismans, weapons, witchcraft, and equipment.
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