How to get Monte Island Token in Lost Ark?

 How to get Monte Island Token in Lost Ark?

How to get Monte Island Token in Lost Ark?

There are many different areas to explore and items to collect in Lost Ark. Players can combine these two things in Monte Island in hopes of earning Monte Island Tokens.

Players can collect a total of 95 Island Tokens, and collecting them allows players to hand over tokens for special rewards like mounts, stat potions, and more. Here is how to get Monte Island Token.

How to Obtain Monte Island Tokens on Lost Ark

As players collect island tokens and start building a stable supply of them, they'll want to hand them over for rewards. To receive the rewards, players must travel to the Lonely Island Opher and talk to the NPC there to receive their rewards.

As users progress and explore many different islands and complete objectives, they will unlock more coins.

How to access Monte Island and earn Monte Island Token

To access the Island of Monte, which is considered an Adventure Island, players need to be notified when it's ready to complete.

As it is an Adventure Island, it is only possible for the player to complete it at certain times. Players should check the in-game calendar to see when it's available. Players can see it later when they list "Adventure Island" as available for completion.

Complete the quest to earn the Monte Island Token

How to get Monte Island Token in Lost Ark?

When the event is ready to be completed and players reach the island, they will need to complete a cooperative mission with other players to claim the token.

This mission involves players working together to search the island for treasure. Players must collect treasure chests worth points. The team as a whole needs to reach the goal of 5000 points. Reaching this point total rewards them with a chest.

Opening the chest for a reward on Monte Island

The resulting chest can be opened when users complete the event quest on Monte Island. Opening this chest rewards players with Offshore Money Chests and Pirate Coins.

However, it has little chance to reward the player with a Monte Island Token. Unfortunately, this token is behind RNG. Therefore, players may need to complete the task several times to get the token.

Exploring the seas and earning coins is rewarding

Lost Ark players should keep sailing and exploring the seas. Not only are the islands filled with interesting items and locales, but they can also earn great rewards by completing all the islands to earn their tokens.

Players can earn great bonuses for their characters just by having fun and sailing on the high seas.
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