How to get Ringed Finger hammer in Elden Ring?

  How to get Ringed Finger hammer in Elden Ring?

How to get Ringed Finger hammer in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring features a wide variety of unorthodox weapon designs, some of which are absolutely ridiculous in their move sets, and are liked by the community. However, of all the oddly designed weapons in the game, the Ring Finger hammer takes the cake.

As the name suggests, the mallet is a large finger on a stick decorated with rings that Blackened will take to slap enemies around him. The weapon skill goes a step further and is one of the weirdest skills in the entire Elden Ring.

Ringed Finger's skill is called Claw Flick , it is:

"It causes the finger to swell, then flexes it to build up power before delivering a powerful hit to enemies."

This is a fun weapon skill to play, and although it is a strange weapon to carry, many players find it quite effective in a variety of situations.

The hammer is not easy to spot as it is well hidden and players will have to fight many obstacles to get it. Here's a quick guide for those still looking for it.

Getting a Ringed Finger hammer in Elden Ring

The Ring Finger isn't something players can get early in the game's narrative. The Blackened Elden Ring will need to make significant progress in the story and reach Mount Gelmir, located above the Altus Plateau.

To obtain the Ringed Finger hammer in Elden RIng , players must:
  • Head towards the Altus Plateau, where they can do so by crossing the Magma Wyrm Makar or by combining the two halves of the Dectus Medallion, which will allow the blackened to access the Great Lifter of Dectus and lead them into the new realm. The first is more recommended for players who are still at a low level and are having a hard time with Makar.
  • From the Altus Plateau, players will need to go to the tomb of the Gelmir hero, which can be obtained by climbing Gelmir Mountain from the Seethewater River bounty Zone. Then, follow the path, winding on the left side of the path until the players reach the Craftsman's Shack.
  • From the Shack, the Blackened Elden Ring will need to go to the Hermit Village ahead and reach the chasm on the other side. They will then reach a rock formation protruding from the cliff that allows them to reach the entrance to Gelmir Hero's tomb.
  • After activating the Grace Site here, players can now turn left and continue down the stairs, continuing down the corridor. Eventually, they'll make their way to a long room filled with lava and a large ramp that will help the Blackened reach lower levels.
  • An invincible chariot enemy will attack the players at this point. Therefore, players are advised to roll over and bend until they reach an opening at the edge of the room.
  • From the opening, they will notice that the lava extends all the way to the bottom of the room. Players will be asked to cross the street, then turn the left corner until they reach a small area with a chest inside. The Ringfinger hammer will be found there as a reward.
With 17 Strength and 7 Dex requirements, the Ring Finger is a great weapon for those looking for quality build (who invest in Dexterity and Strength) or invest heavily in Runes in Strength.
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