How to get to Caria Mansion at the northernmost point of Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring

  How to get to Caria Mansion at the northernmost point of Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring

How to get to Caria Mansion at the northernmost point of Liurnia of the Lakes in Elden Ring

Open world exploration is one of the core gameplay features of Elden Ring, and Lands Between has a lot to offer.

While the terrain is easy to traverse with torrenting effortlessly covering large distances, there are certain areas on the map that prove quite difficult for players to access.

One such location is Caria Mansion, located in the northernmost part of Lakes Liurnia, a sizable area guarded by high-level enemies such as the Hand Spider and Raya Lucarian Soldiers.

Visiting and completing Caria Mansion is part of the main objective in Elden Ring, and players cannot advance to the next area without defeating the boss Royal Knight Loretta inside the castle.

However, some players are having trouble reaching the mansion. Hopefully, today's guide can help them progress in the game.

Transportation to Caria Mansion at Elden Ring

Players will need to follow a few steps to reach the Caria Mansion; While this isn't terribly difficult to achieve, it can cause players to lose out on the vast in-between Lands world if they're not careful.

To reach the Caria Mansion in Elden Ring, players will need to go through the following steps:
  • Head northwest from Liurnia Lake Shore Site Lost Grace until you reach the Laskyar Ruins, which will be like a watery swamp.
  • After completing the area, they will be asked to drive towards the Scenic Island, located northwest of the Ruins.
  • Players will find the Boilprawn Shack as one of the key location markers where they can activate another Grace Site and even find an NPC sitting there.
  • From the tarnished hut, he must now make his way to Rose Chich, west of the hut, a collapsed building filled with Bloodroses and decay.
  • From there they will find a watery marsh to the west, another important landmark to the north and Grace Estate, the Foot of the Four Bell Towers.
  • The Blackened must continue north until they reach another Grace Zone, near which there is a map fragment of the area.
  • After continuing further north, Elden Ring players will head to the Kings Realm Ruins
  • After entering the ruins, players will encounter a stunning imaginary wall that automatically reveals the path ahead. Soon, players will find the Path of Lost Grace Mansion, where they will also find the giant Iji.
  • Head northeast until a large castle appears. This castle is Caria Mansion, and the Blackened can unlock the fast travel point by illuminating the Main Gate of Caria Mansion Grace, located just before its entrance.
Caria Manor is one of the main places players must complete to advance the narrative of the game. However, it is complicated to reach, and the presence of the illusion wall has thrown many players away.
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