How to make Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring?

  How to make Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring?

How to make Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring is full of consumables with different effects, but Exalted Flesh is one of the strongest when it comes to increasing damage. Players who want to finish the game quickly, get stuck on a boss, or want to see their damage count increase quickly will want to try the consumables.

Given how rare Exalted Flesh is in general, players won't find it very often. While it is possible to earn or find it with careful exploration, crafting is still one of the best options for obtaining the consumable.

Producing Supreme Meat at Elden Ring

How to make Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring?

Players will need to have a few items on hand before crafting Exalted Flesh in Elden Ring.

Of course, a Crafting Kit is the first requirement. With the kit at hand, crafting can be done anywhere. All it takes now is the right recipe.

To craft Exalted Flesh, players will need an Armorer's Cookbook.

Exalted Flesh making process and materials:

  • Players will need to purchase an Armorer's Cookbook (3) to craft Exalted Flesh. This can be obtained from the Nomadic Trader in East Limgrave near the Mist Forests.
  • With the cookbook in hand, players can open their kit and find the meat option towards the top.
  • Required materials are 5 Rowa Fruits, 1 Piece of Meat, 1 Heavy Monster Bone, 1 Artery Leaf.
  • Most of the items are fairly easy to find, with the exception of the Arteria Leaf itself, which is another rare item.
Exalted Flesh can also be purchased or earned in some cases. For example, players can obtain the meat by freeing Alexander the Warrior in Limgrave.

What is Exalted Flesh doing in Elden Ring?

Many consumables in Elden Ring rely on some degree of resistance or defense. However, Exalted Flesh is a pure damage-based item.

The consumable's description states that it provides a temporary boost to Physical Attack Damage. This buff lasts for approximately 30 seconds and provides a 20% increase in overall attack power for physically based players.

Supreme Meat is rare, but worth finding and processing in difficult situations.
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