How to Play PubG Mobile 4 Fingers? 4 Finger Play Code

 How to Play PubG Mobile 4 Fingers? 4 Finger Play Code

How to Play PubG Mobile 4 Fingers? 4 Finger Play Code

How to Play PubG Mobile 4 Fingers? 4 Refers to configurations for larger mobile devices such as iPads and tablets. Slightly more complex dynamics, but also used by PUBG Mobile experts on larger phones. Playing the game with four fingers is not an easy task. You will need to adjust 4 Fingers to get a better level in the battle royale game .

PubG Mobile 4 Finger Play:

It takes a lot of practice and two-hand coordination to complete all the movements and basic functions of the game. Here we will explain how to create a 4 finger configuration and what it is all about. Here is the Pubg Mobile 4 Finger Setting Code You Are Looking For :

1st Order – 6960-4924-2503-3286-001

2nd Order – 6937-0873-9032-6996-799

3rd Order – 6960-4924-2503-3286-002

If the code doesn't work: Sensitivity Code – 6960-4924-2503-3286-003

How to Play PubG Mobile 4 Fingers?

Since it is a dedicated HUD that is highly recommended as it allows you to distribute all your gaming action across the entire screen format. It is often used by PubG Mobile experts or gamers who create content for platforms like Twitch and YouTube. We divided the screen into 2 sides, top left and top right, bottom left and bottom right. So depending on your preference, you will use 4 parts of the screen for better gaming performance. Unlike the three finger configuration, all we have to do in this mode is to add our other index finger.

So we will use our thumb and index finger to turn off the screen movement on the mobile device. Since it takes your field of view to another part of the screen, you should act like the default configuration. For this you should always use your left thumb and view the camera. We also recommend using only your right thumb to move it.

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