How to reach the Eternal City, Nokron in Elden Ring?

  How to reach the Eternal City, Nokron in Elden Ring?

How to reach the Eternal City, Nokron in Elden Ring?

There's a lot to explore in FromSoftware's Elden Ring, and Lands Between's expansive map design has plenty of secrets to offer alongside Legacy Dungeons and NPC quests.

While exploration is one of the most compelling gameplay features of the RPG, it can be incredibly frustrating to enter areas, especially when locked behind a certain plotline. FromSoftware does not hold hands when it comes to the player's title, and the same is true for Elden Ring.

Because of this, some players often find it quite difficult to access parts of the map, especially in the later stages of the narrative. One of the areas that players have difficulty accessing is the eternal city of Nokron .

The game isn't exactly clear on how the Tarnished might get there, and it's one of the more important locations in the Lands Between, as access to the area is required to complete the Witch's quest series Ranni.

Hopefully, today's guide will clear up some of the confusion and help players finally get to the city.

Access to the Eternal City of Nokron in Elden Ring

In Elden Ring, Nokron is an underground area, the lower part of which can be accessed by players from East Limgrave very early in the game.

Near Erdtree will be a structure with an elevator inside, which will be able to transport players to the Siofra River, one of the lowest parts of Nokron.

However, the main Nokron realm will be out of bounds and the Blackened will not be able to access it until they meet certain requirements.
  • As such, to even unlock the location, Elden Ring players will first need to:
  • Defeat the Starscourge Radahn, one of the most difficult missions to accomplish, at least during the first gameplay of the game. Radahn is among the five toughest bosses in the Elden Ring, and players will only be able to access Nokron after defeating him at Caelid.
  • It is recommended that players be at least level 60 or higher when choosing to encounter and defeat the boss. It is very aggressive and ruthless in its movements, and despite its size, its attacks are quite fast and can surprise the player.
  • After defeating Radahn in Caelid, there will be a short cinematic showing a giant star falling to earth somewhere in Limgrave, from which point players will have access to the Eternal City of Nokron.
  • The Blackened Elden Ring must now head west towards Fort Haight or they can travel south from the Mistwood Outskirts Grace Zone.
  • They will eventually encounter a massive crater caused by a falling star somewhere in the Southern forests.
  • Players will now need to dig deeper after approaching the pit. It is advised to be careful with this part as it can be very easy for them to slip and fall to their death while trying to get down. Eventually they will reach the area where the screen title will read “Nokron, Eternal City”.
  • However, it takes a little more platforming to reach a safe point effectively, and players will encounter a jumping-off point and beyond that they will see several enemies guarding the path. Elden Ring Blackened can now either overtake or defeat all enemies and advance until reaching a Grace Zone.
Nokron is one of the most important cities in the game, and while it is quite a difficult area to complete, the rewards allow players to complete numerous NPC missions and challenges, as well as take down additional bosses and earn additional loot. .
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