How to take Cinquedea in Elden Ring?

  How to take Cinquedea in Elden Ring?

How to take Cinquedea in Elden Ring?

Daggers in the Elden Ring are the most effective tools when it comes to delivering very high DPS counts and allowing players to effectively reposition themselves in a problematic fight.

While they're usually short ranged and don't offer much in terms of surprising enemies with higher stance, the weapon type more than makes up for it in terms of mobility and damage output.

One of the most sought-after daggers in the Elden Ring is the Cinquedea, which scales incredibly well in both Strength and Dexterity.

However, endgame scaling isn't the only reason behind its popularity. The Dagger passive amps up the power of Beastial Incantations, making it a great choice for players investing in runes in both Dexterity and Faith.

The weapon also comes with the Quickstep skill, which allows one to bridge the gap between enemies and reposition themselves to better evade enemy hits and avoid deadly hits.

However, some Elden Ring players are having a bit of a hard time getting hold of the dagger, I hope this guide can help them with that.

Obtaining Cinquedea in Elden Ring

To obtain Cinquedea in Elden Ring, players will need to invest a certain number of steps before they can successfully capture it. The dagger is not an early game obtainable, and players will need to complete at least a large portion of the game's narrative progression until they receive the item.

Therefore, to receive the dagger, Elden Ring Blackened must:
  • Reach the Forge of the Giants, which enters much later in the narrative, and players will need to get to at least this point in the game if they want to get hold of the weapon.
  • After finding the Forge of the Giants Site of Grace, players will be able to talk to Melina or Listen to the Flame. As a result, after 'sinning' they fall asleep and are automatically transported to the Fragmented Farum Azula.
  • From the new area, the Blackened have to go to the Bestial Sanctum and open the Grace Estate.
  • From Sanctum they will need to get outside the structure and look for a broken mouse statue. Some platforms will be required here, as Tarnished will need to take down a number of platforms from the side of the buildings.
  • The statue can be found on the lowest platform and will have a glowing item drop that interacts by giving them the Cinquedea and Dragoncrest Shield Talisman.
Cinquedea has become a must-have for players who have invested heavily in Dexterity and Faith in Elden Ring. Although somewhat difficult to obtain, the weapon is one of the most powerful daggers.
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