How to unlock Poison weapon affinity in Elden Ring?

 How to unlock Poison weapon affinity in Elden Ring?

How to unlock Poison weapon affinity in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring players can modify their current weapons and improve them using different types of affinities. Depending on the type used, proximity can greatly affect how weapons work in terms of damage, status effects, and more.

There are different types of affinities in Elden Ring, including Fire, Cold, Blood, and Poison. Venom tendency increases weapon scaling and causes poison effect.

Oyuncular, Elden Ring'deki Poison silah benzerliğini nasıl açabilir?

Oyuncular, Aradaki Topraklarda bulunan bileme bıçaklarını kullanarak silahlarını yakınlıklarla doldurabilirler . Elde edildiğinde, bu bıçaklar, oyuncuların silahları için kullandıkları Ashes of War özelliklerine göre yakınlıklar eklemelerine izin verir .

Poison silah yakınlığının kilidini açmak için oyuncuların Black Whetblade'e erişmeleri gerekecek. Bu bileme bıçağı Poison, Blood ve Occult yakınlıkları ekleyebilir.

Siyah Whetblade'i elde etmek

To obtain the Black Whetblade, players must go to the Eternal City of Nokron. The easiest way for players to find this sharpening knife is to visit the Ancestral Woods Grace Site.

Once players get there, they'll want to jump down from the ruins to reach an area called Night's Sacred Ground. Players will find the sharpening knife here.

Inside the Night's Sacred Ground area

How to unlock Poison weapon affinity in Elden Ring?

Once players arrive at Night's Sacred Ground, they must begin searching for a corpse found in front of the altar there.

When players go near the corpse, they will be able to interact with it and earn the Black Blade. Players can now use this Whetblade to add Poison affinity to any Ashes of War with physical or stealth types.

Uses of poison proximity

Players can use Venom affinity to increase dexterity, strength, and mysterious scaling.

This proximity also adds a buildup of poison to the player's attack. This causes the target to generate a poison meter when hit. When it reaches full damage, it starts dealing poison damage to the target until the meter is completely extinguished.

Customization via proximity

Elden Ring players can customize their many weapons with different affinities. This can help improve or even change the way some players play so they align with their build or strategy.

All the affinities players gain have different effects, so it's important to play and discover the ones that appeal to them and are most useful.
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