How to use Elden Ring Summon Pools and MP items?

  How to use Elden Ring Summon Pools and MP items?

How to use Elden Ring Summon Pools and MP items?

Elden Ring's massive open world is filled with tough-as-nails bosses, random encounters, and traps that will have you watching the "You're dead" message followed by the inevitable loading screen. This is why many players need a little help to become the best Tarnished they can be; This is where Summoning Pools and Elden Ring's unique multiplayer mode comes into play.

In this Elden Ring Summoning Pools guide, we explain how they work, how to activate them, and important related items that players should know.

How do Summon Pools work in Elden Ring?

First off, there have been some server issues causing players to be unable to summon others in Elden Ring, but at the time of writing all is well and good.

How to use Elden Ring Summon Pools and MP items?

If you want to make your life a little easier, or die next to another Tarnished in Elden Ring against a tough boss, you'll need to know how Summoning Pools work.

There are various summoning pools just about anywhere that matters, such as before boss fights, near Sites of Grace, and even near open world bosses.

To activate a Summon Pool in Elden Ring, players will need to interact with small, gray Effigies.

Once activated, it becomes eligible to summon other Tarnished.

How to use Elden Ring Summon Pools and MP items?

With an active Summon Pool, players can invite up to three friends or randomly summon strangers. Gold marks summon a co-op player, while red marks summon an enemy player to fight to the death.

More importantly, players should always enable Summoning Pools in the Elden Ring, even if they are playing offline and are not interested in co-op. This is because NPC summons will only spawn when a Summon Pool is enabled in that area. You also cannot summon Spirits using the Spirit Calling Bell unless you interact with Effigy.

Elden Ring multiplayer items in Summoning Pools

How to use Elden Ring Summon Pools and MP items?

After activating a Summon Pool in Elden Ring, you can only see a mark to summon an NPC. To see other players you will need a Furlcalling Finger Remedy, which can be purchased from the Merchant Castle for 1000 Rune or crafted using two Erdleaf Flowers.

Once consumed, you can see other players' call signs. However, if you die, you will need to consume one more to summon players.

Check out the list and description below of other Elden Ring multiplayer items that players can use in Summoning Pools.
  • Little Golden Effigy - Sends your Sign to the Summon
  • Little Red Effigy - Sends a PvP beacon to a Summon Pool.
  • Little Golden Effigy - Send a PvE co-op token to a Summon Pool. (Allows others to call you!)
  • Tarnished's Furled Finger - Used to create a co-op sign found at the beginning of the game.
  • Finger Severer - Sends a player or yourself to your home (world).
  • Festering Bloody Finger - Used to invade another player's world.
  • Duelist's Furled Finger - PvP için kırmızı bir çağrı işareti oluşturur.\
  • Tarnished's Enlarged Finger - Used to write messages to others. Can be used anywhere.
  • Bloody Finger - Invade another player's world and fight to the death.
  • The Tongue of the Sarcasm - Charm is invading your world.
Here's a guide to the Summoning Pools in the Elden Ring and related highlights that might make your journey to the Lands Between a little easier.
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