How to use Grave and Ghost Elden Ring Glovewort

  How to use Grave and Ghost Elden Ring Glovewort

How to use Grave and Ghost Elden Ring Glovewort

If you want to raise your summons in Elden Ring, you will need Grave Glovewort or Ghost Glovewort to do so. The latter is used to raise elite summons, but you can use Grave Glovewort for early game spirits. So where can you find these elusive plants?

Grave Glovewort has a long green stem with silvery-white leaves. Ghost Glovewort is similar in appearance, but instead has an ethereal glow and spectral leaves that make it a little easier to spot. Both herbs can be found in the Lands In Between, often hiding in Elden Ring dungeons or obtained from the enemy and Elden Ring boss drops. You can also buy Glovewort from merchants and sometimes obtain it from Elden Ring quests for various NPCs.

If you're having trouble finding these upgrade materials, you can always refer to the interactive map to see known places and areas. Both herbs increase the stats of your Elden Ring summons, increasing the attack, defense, HP, or summon party size. Here's how to unlock Ouija upgrades and complete Roderika's questline in Elden Ring.


To unlock upgrades for your best Elden Ring summons, you need to find Roderika at Stormhill Shack in Stormveil Castle; he will also gift you a Jellyfish summons for helping him. After speaking with Roderika, here are the steps you need to follow to unlock upgrades for your summon:
  • When you've exhausted Roderika's dialogue options, she wants the Chrysalids' Memories.
  • Search the pile of bodies at the Grace Estate in Rampart Tower after a fight with test boss Margit
  • Return to Roderika and she will go to the Roundtable. Talk to her again and ask Master Hewg to train Roderika on soul tuning.
  • When the dialogue is over, Roderika opens a shop opposite Hewg in Roundtable Hold.
There are different Glove levels, similar to Elden Ring smithing stones, and these increase your summoning up to ten times. For the tenth upgrade you need either Great Grave Glovewort or Great Ghost Glovewort.

Now you know how to unlock summon upgrades
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