iPhone 15: News, Price, Release Date, Features and Rumors

 iPhone 15: News, Price, Release Date, Features and Rumors

iPhone 15: News, Price, Release Date, Features and Rumors

Apple 's looking straight ahead to a phone that we don't expect to arrive for another year may seem toof. But when we consider leaks about its predecessor and timelines for specific hardware changes, it starts to make sense to paint a picture of what the iPhone 15 might be like.

When will the iPhone 15 be released?

Apple sticks to a pretty tight schedule. Here is the likely timeline after the 2021 iPhone 13 launch:
  • iPhone 15 in 2023

iPhone 15 Price Rumors

Such an early price estimation would not be accurate as we have yet to confirm the price of the future predecessor of this phone. But expect to spend $1,000 or more.

For reference, the iPhone 13 Pro Max starts at $1,099, with some expecting the iPhone 14 equivalent to be under $1,000.

Pre-Order Information

You'll be able to pre-order the iPhone 15 directly from Apple's website, possibly the day it's announced. We'll get the exact details at the Apple event later that year.

iPhone 15 Features

New versions of the iPhone operating system follow a similar schedule from year to year as the iPhone. So, counting from where we are now with iOS 15, it follows that iOS 17 (even if that's the name) will be here when the iPhone 15 is released . While the number sequence is quite simple, the actual features that this operating system will bring are still completely unknown at this point.

There 's still more time until 2023 from now , so expect more details to pave the way as we get closer to launch. We will keep this page updated with these rumors and leaks.

iPhone 15 Features and Hardware

Although this phone is months after its launch, a few details from leakers and analysts point to what we'll likely see in terms of iPhone 15 specs.

Starting in 2017, Apple made the switch from Touch ID to Face ID. But that may change with the iPhone 15. Ming-Chi Kuo is a name you're probably familiar with if you follow Apple-related leaks. Analyst says the 2023 iPhone will get an in-display Touch ID. Since this release year corresponds to the iPhone 15, it's safe to say if that's true, Touch ID will revert to the iPhone 15 and will be embedded at the bottom of the screen.

Another major change we can see is a completely wireless iPhone. In late 2021, the European Commission recommended USB-C as the port for smartphones. The EU's proposed timeline means that by 2023, Apple must eliminate the Lightning connector that's standard on iPhones. This change wouldn't be groundbreaking considering Macs and most iPads have them, but it may be what prompted Apple to make the iPhone completely wireless (or maybe stick to USB-C). Only time will tell how this will turn out.

Another thing we've heard about under-display tech is a front-facing camera. Presumably this won't come until Apple perfects the under-display Face ID (which we can see on the iPhone 14), but perhaps they'll hit both in the same year: the in-display camera and Face ID.

iPhone 15: News, Price, Release Date, Features and Rumors

Here is an elegant concept of the iPhone 15 Pro that uses some of these ideas, such as Face ID and Touch ID on the screen There's also an Apple Watch-like display above the rear-facing camera housing that provides at-a-glance information and controls for music and calls.

iPhone 15: News, Price, Release Date, Features and Rumors
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