Lost Ark: Demon Beast Canyon bosses and mechanic guide

  Lost Ark: Demon Beast Canyon bosses and mechanic guide

Lost Ark: Demon Beast Canyon bosses and mechanic guide

Need help with Lost Ark's Demon Beast Canyon Abyssal Dungeon? ABYSSAL DUNGEONS is the main group content in the last game of Lost Ark and offers challenging boss mechanics that require teamwork and coordination. The first Abyssal Dungeon you will undertake at Level 1 is the Demon Beast Canyon at Item Level 340. This dungeon is your introduction to more challenging four-player content, and while it's not as hard as the later dungeons, you'll still get to keep going. You need an understanding of boss mechanics to take on. If you and your group need a hand in understanding the gruesome Scarkril fight, this guide will be helpful.

Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon: Broken Vazuela mechanics

Corrupted Vegaela is the first and most collapse of Abyssal Dungeon bosses, but it is compelling enough to make you taste the future. While Corrupted Vazuela doesn't have any invincibility stages or an "wipe" mechanic that instantly kills your party, combat can get out of hand if you don't know the mechanics.

The fight throughout the vaula marks the target player with a periodic blue plus sign before spitting a blood puddle on the destination. This puddle will deal significant damage over time to anyone who walks through it, so if you're targeted, hug the edge of the arena to prevent the puddles from blocking the center.

Eventually, these puddles will take up more space and make it harder to navigate the arena. Fortunately, once you surprise the Corrupted Vazuela, all that blood pool will disappear. Below the boss's health bar, you'll see a purple "fix bar" that drains as you take damage. Drain it and will surprise Corrupted Vazuela, you will clear the puddles and create a great DPS opening. If you don't have skills about the High Stagger feature, bring some battle items like Whirlwind Grenades to help.

Lost Ark Demon Beast Canyon: Scary Scarkril mechanics

The hideous Scarkril is the second and final boss of Demon Beast Canyon and offers more complex mechanics. After some fight, Hideous Scarkril will enter stealth mode. While in stealth mode, Scarkril uses a deadly teleport line, takes greatly reduced damage, and appears only visible for short bursts.

When stealth mode starts, four golden orbs will appear at the edges of the arena that are immune to player damage. To end Scarkril's stealth, you must bait him to destroy the orbs. Stand next to an orb and move away when the teleport slash attack begins. If you have positioned yourself correctly, the slash will destroy the sphere. Destroy all four and Scarkril will emerge from stealth so you can return to battle.

This will be much easier if you and your team work together as everyone moves in a group from sphere to sphere. Any strays can prolong the stealth phase by removing Scarkril's agro from the orbs.
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