Lost Ark: How to Earn and Use Courage Coins

  Lost Ark: How to Earn and Use Courage Coins

Lost Ark: How to Earn and Use Courage Coins

When it comes to currencies in Lost Ark, there is no shortage of them. The latest addition to the economy are the Courage Coins. They will play an extremely important role in character progression, especially when it comes to rewarding players.

While it can be argued that we already have enough currencies in Arkesia, Coins of Courage also sounds like a very welcome addition. Coins are PvP special reward that will soon play a very important role in purchasing special items.

As explained in the latest roadmap, PvP will be a major focus for forward gameplay. Seasonal splits in ranked and special content that can only be obtained with a special currency, Courage Coins.

Lost Ark: How to Earn and Use Courage Coins

How to Earn Courage Coins in Lost Ark

Well, earning Coin of Courage is pretty simple. All you have to do is participate in the PvP game modes.

After each match, you will earn a certain amount of coins based on the result (win/lose) and some bonus coins based on your performance. However, here comes the catch.

The most coins will be awarded to players participating in Ranked PvP mode. This will add another factor which is division.

While we don't yet know what the exact amounts will be, it has been confirmed that players will receive a certain amount of points each week based on what rank they were in at the time the reward was released.

This means that the higher you rank - the better you are at the game - the more coins you will earn.

Lost Ark: How to Earn and Use Courage Coins

How to Spend Courage Coins in Lost Ark

At the time of this writing, the PvP season has not started yet and there is very little you can do with your coins. However, as the season begins, a new shopkeeper is very likely to emerge.

This new shopkeeper will likely offer special items that can only be obtained with Courage Coins. Here are some items that have been confirmed to be in ranked rewards:
  • Special skins and cosmetics
  • special mounts
  • Upgrade materials
  • Special items for the castle
Currently, there will be no other way to get PvP items, probably just by joining.

This is a great addition to the game as it gives players a great incentive to try one of the most elaborate mods in the game. While the PvP in Lost Ark isn't perfect, it's pretty good, and no doubt many fans are looking forward to season 1.

Season 1 is scheduled to air this month.
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