Lost Ark: How to Gain Harmony in Massive Amounts

   Lost Ark: How to Gain Harmony in Massive Amounts

Lost Ark: How to Gain Harmony in Massive Amounts

One of the least appreciated features in Lost Ark is harmony. The loot, which can be obtained by spending some time in particular, is definitely not something to mock, but players seem to ignore the feature anyway. Here's how to quickly build relationships in Lost Ark.

As time goes on and players progress further in Lost Ark, ways to progress run out. Two progression paths that are often overlooked by most players, especially in the beginning, are cards and cohesion.

Both can bring a lot of bonuses to your character, and everything matters when you're late in the game. While it is undoubtedly boring and requires a lot of knowledge, it gets easier once you get used to it.

Lost Ark: How to Gain Harmony in Massive Amounts

The Fastest Way to Adapt in Lost Ark

As we mentioned in our compatibility guide, there are many ways to fit in and lots of characters to focus on. But recently a Reddit user named Lobe_ did the math and quickly found a new way to adapt.

The method makes use of buying gifts from stray merchants. Wandering merchants are unique shopkeepers who appear every few hours. Each region has merchants with their own spawn times.

The only thing that interests us to harmonize are the special harmonizing gifts that merchants sell. Each gift is worth 10,000 silver. For this example, let's look at the merchant from Yudia named Lucas.

Lucas appears at 1:30, 4:30, 5:30, 7:30, 8:30, 11:30 (AM and PM) and sells the following items:
  • Yudia Spellbook
  • Yudia Natural Salt
  • Sky Reflection Oil
All you have to do is visit Lucas three times a day and buy the items each time. We do this because we can only give a character the gift of harmony three times a day.

That's 90,000 silver per day. Sounds like a lot, but if you do this with multiple vendors every day, you can earn up to 18900 affinities per week.

This can significantly speed up the process with characters like Beatrice, who require over 15,000 matches per level.

Sometimes traders can also have random legendary relationship items. Make sure you get them every time you see them.

Is Harmony Worth It in Lost Ark?

While compatibility may not seem like a very important feature, it can certainly be useful. It goes hand in hand with the cards, as some of the best sets are locked behind harmony. Also, if you focus on the right characters, it's an excellent source of earning a steady income of gold.

However, if you need silver or the rewards don't interest you, there isn't much benefit other than the extra story you can get with some characters like Sasha or Eyalin.

Lost Ark is a game full of content and harmony offers a different type of adventure. It's a nice and nice break from killing monsters, and a more relaxed endgame system that can provide solid rewards along with some extra story content.
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