Lost Ark March 15 Update Patch Notes, Server Downtime and Maintenance Schedule

  Lost Ark March 15 Update Patch Notes, Server Downtime and Maintenance Schedule

Lost Ark March 15 Update Patch Notes, Server Downtime and Maintenance Schedule

Amazon Game Studios has released the latest March 15 update for Lost Ark, and here is the full list of patch notes we've compiled for your reading convenience. This is a patch that focuses on fixing tons of bugs found in the game. It also introduces the Fever Time event. Read the patch notes below to learn more!

All the relevant information you might need to know about the Lost Ark patch notes for the March 15 Update is covered in the next section. The patch is now available on Steam for all players to download. However, the servers are down at 00:00 PT / 07:00 UTC / 08:00 CET for about 4 hours. Check out the next section for more on the patch.

Lost Ark Server Currently Closed (March 15, 2022)

All patch notes for the Lost Ark March 15 Update now available on all supported platforms:

Fixed an issue that prevented tornadoes from spawning during the Tytalos Guardian Raid and prevented players from avoiding a high-damage attack.
Fixed an issue that prevented Unusual (green) and Rare (blue) HP Potions from being tradable.
Fixed an issue that caused the game to crash when using a search field with a controller.
Fixed an issue that prevented a popup from showing when using the 'Escape' option in the Game Menu when the language was set to French.
Removed the item level purchase restriction on the Arkesia Grand Prix exchange so players can now earn more rewards.
Fixed in-game event timers with one hour off due to Daylight Saving Time. Players must have DST enabled on their computers for the time to appear correctly.
Europe West daily login rewards will be restarted. They will restart from day one, meaning players will be able to re-claim the first 4 days of events (and not lose the previously claimed rewards).

Firetime Weekend Event

This fix also initiates the in-game FireTime event. Every weekend until April 10 (at 02:00 PT / 10:00 UTC), a character in the player's Roster will be able to claim a "3 War Item Chests" containing the following items on Saturdays and Sundays:
  • Healing War Item Chest x5
  • Utility War Item Chest x5
  • Offensive War Item Chest x5
3 War Item Chests can be claimed once on Saturday and once on Sunday between 03:01 PT / 10:01 UTC and 02:59 PT / 09:59 UTC when the event time is reset. Firetime will take place every weekend until April, so be sure to collect rewards whenever you can!

Known Issues

Users in Europe West and South America are unable to connect to voice chat.
Monthly and Weekly Crystal bonus packages do not give the corresponding bonus percentages. A retroactive grant will be applied to players who purchase these Crystals.
Procyon's Compass refers to UTC time for adventure islands.
Teknoloji ve Oyun Sever!


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