PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Final Release Date Announced!

  PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Final Release Date Announced!

PUBG Mobile 1.9 Update Final Release Date Announced!

PUBG Mobile, Krafton Inc. and Tencent Games' developers are working together to bring updates to the game periodically to elevate players' Battle Royale gaming experience.

These updates are arousing great interest among players worldwide, who are waiting for a variety of new features, events, mechanics, items and much more to be added to the game. The buzz has raised expectations for the game's upcoming 1.9 update.

While beta testing has been going on for weeks, it seems like testers have finally given a green signal to the developers announcing the release of major update 1.9 worldwide.

The upcoming update will see the introduction of the long-awaited fourth anniversary theme and events.

When will the upcoming 1.9 update for PUBG Mobile be released?

The developers got their hands on PUBG Mobile's official Instagram user on March 9 to announce the release date of the 1.9 update for the game. The update will be rolled out to devices worldwide at 12:00 UTC on March 18.  However, this update does not require servers to be taken offline like previous updates.

The developers asked players to keep enough free space on their devices for the game to run smoothly. They also advised players to either have enough data to download the update or connect their device to a wifi network. In addition, since they cannot play together in different versions, they must inform their in-game friends to update.

Time for the update to roll out on March 18 in different regions:

Bangladesh: 6 AM

Nepal: 05:45

UK: 12 AM

Pakistan: 5 AM

USA: 7 PM on March 17 (New York Time)

Russia: 5-6 AM

Indonesia: 6-7 AM

Japan: 10:00

In other Instagram posts, the developers have informed players that the ongoing recall feature will be available on more maps in the upcoming 1.9 update. Also, the Rising Temple event will be re-introduced in the new update almost two years after the event left the game.
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