Team Ace bundle in Valorant: Release date, price and more revealed

  Team Ace bundle in Valorant: Release date, price and more revealed

Team Ace bundle in Valorant: Release date, price and more revealed

Valorant features a variety of weapon skins that allow players to express themselves in style. To give players even more options, the Team Ace pack is a new series of skins that players can have in Episode 4, Episode 2.

With the latest leaks, players got their first glimpse of how much each of these skins will eventually cost in-game, and this article will provide a detailed look at it for those wondering. All the various information about the weapons, player cards and more that these skins will be found in will also be included in the news.

How much will the Team Ace package cost in Valorant?

Thanks to popular leaker ValorLeaks, gamers got their first look at the new package as well as its price.

The latest skin will be themed for Duelists already present in Valorant, such as Reyna, Phoenix, Jett, Yoru, and Raze. To give them maximum representation, these agents will each get their own weapon skins to allow for even distribution.

All the weapons that the Team Ace pack will contain are listed as follows:
  • Reyna: Vandal skin
  • Raze: Judge skin
  • Phoenix: Ghost skin
  • Comment: Crazy skin
  • Jett: Operator view
Not only will this pack come with its own weapon skins, but players will also receive various sprays and player cards. These cosmetics are priced in-game as described below:
  • Price of a weapon skin: 1275 VP (6375 VP for purchasing all five weapon skins)
  • Price of a Player Card: 375 VP (1875 VP for purchasing each Player card)
  • Price for a Spray: 325 VP (1625 for each Spray in the pack)
  • Price of a Gunbuddy: 475 VP (2375 VP for purchasing each Gunbuddy)
This bundle or collection is now one of the most expensive bundles in the game, available to players only through the Store. In response to the question of when this collection will go on sale, it is anticipated that the collection will appear as soon as it appears in Valorant's Chapter 4, Act 2.


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