What are the Claymen witchcraft spells in Elden Ring?

 What are the Claymen witchcraft spells in Elden Ring?

What are the Claymen witchcraft spells in Elden Ring?

Elden Ring has placed more emphasis on magic than any SoulsBorne game in the past. The game offers players a wide variety of options using a powerful Glintstone Staff and accurate magic scrolling. Clayman Spells, Claymen 

in the Elden Ring , are a special class of spells . There are only two in the game so far, but each serves a great purpose.

Using Clay Man Spells in Elden Ring

Clay Man Mages send bubbles from the mage's staff to slowly destroy their enemies. The two spells available accomplish the same idea in very different approaches.

The first Claymen Sorcery is Oracle Bubbles. Fires nine balloons slowly radiating outward from the user's staff at diagonal angles. They take a while to throw and move slowly but only cost 12 FP. Nine balloons burst, dealing severe damage and staggering.

The other is the Great Prophecy Bubble. Summons a single large balloon that moves slowly through an area of ​​effect before bursting. Deals more damage than its opponent, but takes a lot of time to use. At 16 FP, the biggest cost of this spell is the time commitment.

These spells have many different uses. Oracle Bubbles work great against large enemies, allowing each to hit the target with massive damage. If well placed, the Great Oracular Bubble can be used to destroy mobs with one use. Each of the Claymen Sorceries can scale with Intelligence to deal massive damage for very little FP.

Finding Clay Man Sorceries in Elden Ring

If Elden Ring players want to get both Claymen Sorcerers , head straight to the Siofra River. Both Spells can be found in very different spots near that body of water.

Go to the Well Depths Blessing Zone to find the Oracle Bubbles enchantment. It is being held by a Scarab, which can be found on some of the ruins to the right of the river. Climb the ruins, jump across, and then look down to find Scarab. Shoot or drop on it to kill it and claim the spell.

Go to the Worshipers' Woods Grace Zone to find the Great Bubble of Prophecy. Head south to a toppled column with a ghost archer sitting on top of it. Run to the archer and find the gateway instead.

To the right of the next collapsed pillar, players can find an arch that opens into a room filled with clay men. There will be a Scarab in the middle of the room, kill it to get the spell.
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