What are the Courage Coins in Lost Ark?

  What are the Courage Coins in Lost Ark?

What are the Courage Coins in Lost Ark?

There are several different currencies in Lost Ark and one of them is known as Courage Coins.

Coin of Courage is earned through the competitive player versus player (PvP) mode in the MMORPG. There is no other way to earn Coins of Courage in Lost Ark. They are a special PvP reward.

PvP will be a big focus of the multiplayer game. Rankings will be a competitive season with rewards at the end and a special merchant where Coin of Courage can be spent.

Coin of Courage is earned through PvP in Lost Ark

Proving Grounds is the PvP arena where players find matches. This unlocks around level 26. There is no level set in stone, as players must complete the Rebuild Luterra questline to access the location.

When it comes to Coins of Courage, PvP areas that allow players around the world to fight each other do not count. They cannot be earned this way, but can only be earned through the approved PvP matchmaking system.

How to earn Courage Coins

What are the Courage Coins in Lost Ark?

There are three different PvP modes in Lost Ark. Players can participate in Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch and Team Elimination. Winning in any of these modes will grant Courage Coins.

There is also a weekly bonus given based on the player's PvP rank. This will be added after the completion of the games and will begin to be provided when the limit is reached.

In-game bulletin boards and the minimap itself allow players to queue up for PvP battles. Bulletin boards can be found in many cities in the world of Arkesia.

How to use Courage Coins?

Coin of Courage is not yet available, but can be spent soon. When the competitive season begins later in the month, a PvP vendor will be available with a variety of items to purchase.

From cheap cosmetics to extremely rare and powerful gear, Coins of Courage will be used to purchase items from the PvP vendor. Keep them for now so you can buy the best items when the seller opens the shop.
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