What You Need to Know About Elden Ring

  What You Need to Know About Elden Ring

What You Need to Know About Elden Ring

Elden Ring is From Software's newest game and shares many similarities, if not the sequel to the Dark Souls series - Dark Souls, Bloodborne, Bloodborne, and Sekiro!

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  • In the world from the global world in Elden Ring Dark Souls or Bloodborne. As the lands there will be “a huge kingdom and a huge open world between Fromsoftware games.
  • The most notable aspect of the Lands In Between is the large golden tree visible immediately within it, and is known as Erdetree, resembling the World Tree Yggdrasil. Elden Ring is said to be sung before Erdtree disintegrates. There's also a "little" Erdtree everywhere (although it looks anything but small)
  • Not everyone was welcome in The Lands Between. A group known as the Golden Order once exiled many people from these lands and they became known as Blackened. Now, with the Elden Ring shattered and The Golden Order broken, The Tarnished (you, the player) has returned to the Lands Between to search for the Elden Ring.
  • As one of the Blackened, you'll be able to choose from 10 different Starter Classes, each with their own starting gear, weapon, and even magic.
  • While it is not yet known how the Elden Ring was broken, it turns out that its parts are now held by the demigods of the Golden Order, who used their power to wage a great war. It is the Darkened's duty to recover the fragments of these Elden Rings, the Great Runes, and become themselves a Lord of Elden.
  • While your character's main purpose might seem to be to return from exile to become an Elden Lord, Miyazaki implied that your motives and actions for doing so can be shaped by the player and configure how you interact with various NPCs. , and maybe pick an ending.
  • These demigods are the children of Marika, the Eternal Queen, Queen of the Lands Between.
  • Most of the world-building, backstory, and character stories were written by author George R. Martin and Fromsoftware Director Hidetaka Miyazaki.
  • Certain areas, such as Limgrave's starting area, appear to be filled with large debris that looks like it has fallen from the sky.

Open World

What You Need to Know About Elden Ring
  • The first From Software game to feature a truly open and explorable world, there will be a lot of crossovers in Elden Ring.
  • The Lands In Between will have its own day/night cycle and dynamic weather system, and new enemies may appear during the night.
  • You'll be able to fast travel between Grace Sites by referencing the map - although there are certain areas that prohibit fast travel, such as certain dungeons.
  • The Lands In Between consists of six distinct open regions (each region is ruled by a demigod boss). Each of these open regions will host a much larger dungeon (called "Old Dungeons") and other more familiar and linear paths compatible with a Souls/borne game. All of these mainline dungeons are seamlessly linked to the greater Lands Between.
  • The different regions you can explore will include forests, plains, ruins and even swamps, and you will also be able to adventure through various castles, fortresses, caves and cellars.
  • Players will have access to a World Map that lets you see the vast open space of the Lands Between, but maps will not be available for some of the smaller and enclosed areas and dungeons.
  • Initially, your map will only list key places and points of interest, but each region contains Map Stelles – large stone pillars – that hold map pieces to reveal the topography of that area.
  • You won't be able to see the full size of the Lands In Between when you open the map, as its maximum size will increase as you explore it, so you won't even know how big the map is until you've explored them all.
  • While you won't be able to see much detail until you find the Map Pieces, your map usually has icons for Stelle locations as a red obelisk, helping you find the map piece for that area.
  • Miyazaki noted that while you won't be able to access everything from the start, players can choose how they want to approach each area, and there is a lot of freedom in the order you can approach each large area.
  • It will be a hub area that connects to the six main regions of The Lands Between, but will not be available initially.
  • Most smaller dungeons are completely optional, and it's also possible to bypass larger Ancient Dungeons by finding paths around them - but this can make things even harder for you.
  • To move around the open world faster, players can summon a mount that appears and disappears in a ghost summons, allowing you to summon it to your side or quickly reject it.
  • Besides attacking, you can also perform defensive maneuvers on your horse such as dashing, jumping and even double jumping.
  • Large gusts of wind, known as spiritsprings, allow you to jump great distances with your mount to quickly climb cliff edges. You can also safely fall on them from above.
  • Many enemies will patrol the open world, some will follow roads and trails, and some will stay in place. This can let you choose where and when you want to ambush and engage groups of enemies.
  • Some roaming bosses, such as large dragons, can be fought in the wider open world, meaning you can fight them while still on your mount.
  • Due to the size of the In-between Realm, there will be many alternative spawn points alongside the Sites of Grace, called Stakes of Marika. Small statues are usually placed near difficult encounters, and an icon will appear below your health bar when a nearby bet is active, allowing you to choose between respawning in the last Blessing Field or the nearest Marika Stakes when killed.
Certain rooms and areas in the Lands In Between can be locked behind obstacles and require you to use special finite keys on nearby imp statues to unlock their secrets .

Combat and Gameplay

What You Need to Know About Elden Ring
  • Some mechanics from previous Soulsborne games will be returning, including Dark Souls stamina bars, summoning, some of Sekiro's basic stealth actions, and special jump buttons, as well as weapon arts (no longer only tied to specific weapons).
  • As the stamina bar returns, Miyazaki stated that they think Elden Ring has "less impact on the player in general" to add to the level of freedom it offers. This means that stamina won't decrease outside of combat, so you can run on foot or on horseback indefinitely until you're attacked.
  • Elden Ring will feature summonable co-op play, but players can also summon AI Spirits to aid them.
  • These Spirits are based on the enemies you will encounter and come in many forms, including animals and humanoids, that can fulfill certain roles (melee or range support) your character may be missing.
  • Like spells, Spirits cost FP to summon, and certain Spirits come in groups or cost more the stronger the ally.
  • The power of spirits can also be increased and there are many to choose from - and you can find and choose the ones you want to help you with.
  • Spirits can only be summoned in certain areas, indicated by a glowing tomb-like icon that appears on the left side of the screen.
  • Dark Souls will feature weapons with specific arts, while Elden Ring will have around 100 different skills that can be found and collected while exploring the open world called Ashes of War. These skills can be customized to tailor your build as you see fit and will not be limited to specific weapon pairings.
  • Ashes of War also lets you customize your weapon scaling to better suit your build, but you can easily equip a skill without having to assign new scaling.
  • Each weapon can have only one skill assigned, but the skill can be changed as needed to help test your playstyle.
  • Ash of War can only be applied to one weapon at a time, but it would be possible to duplicate them to apply to multiple items.
  • Some weapons can even be given a "No Skill" Battle Ashes, allowing you to set the weapon skill in your other hand as default.
  • Some weapons will have unique abilities that cannot be changed.
  • As long as you have enough stamina and FP, many spells can be cast repeatedly while on the move or by holding the cast button.
  • Other spells can be enhanced further by holding the cast button to charge them and still only use the same amount of FP.
  • Some enemies can fight on horseback just like you and may be better suited to fight them on your own mount. You can target the enemy or his mount to try and dismount.
  • You can perform a horseback landing attack to launch yourself into a group of enemies.
  • A leap attack is very similar to a powerful charged attack and can deal incredible damage and disrupt the enemy's stance, leaving them vulnerable to a critical attack.
  • You can cast spells while riding or swing your weapon to the right with RB/RT or to the left with LB/LT.
  • As you can imagine, spears and spearguns excel on horseback because you can pierce through enemies as they pass.
  • Many camps have large horned enemies, and if they spot you, they will sound an alarm, triggering all nearby enemies to zoom in on their location.
  • Stealth actions are limited, but workable, allowing you to crouch and attempt to ambush enemies to reduce noise and visibility. You can even crouch to hide in the tall grass.
  • Players can craft sleep bombs or arrows to silently put sentries to sleep, where they can be bypassed or hit with an instinctive attack.
  • At night it will be easier to use stealth mechanics to ambush enemies, but visibility will also be reduced.
  • In addition to being able to use shield parries to perfectly time a detour for an incoming attack, you can also perform Protection Counters by blocking an attack with your shield and pressing RT/R2 once blocked, dealing massive damage in return (so long as you can take down the attack)

To produce

What You Need to Know About Elden Ring
  • Elden Ring will introduce a new crafting mechanic that will require a Crafting Kit early in the game as you explore and defeat enemies, allowing you to find and collect different materials and craft resources to help you survive longer.
  • Crafting components can be found by exploring the Lands In Between to find various plants and stones, or by hunting wild game or monsters to find the parts you need.
  • New recipes can be learned by finding "cookbooks" that will give you more options for creating both offensive and defensive items.
  • In certain areas, it can be very important to craft to get more healing items to stay in battle longer, as it can cause you to fight more and more enemies between rest points.
  • It cannot be crafted in combat, so you must pre-make the necessary items before diving into dangerous areas.
  • Explosive "pots" like incendiary bombs are no longer purchased, but are produced using Cracked Pots. These items can be used to create a variety of different effects, and once discarded, the broken pot will be regenerated in your inventory for reuse.
  • Certain attack tools can be crafted to inflict magic attacks on enemies, known as "False Sorceries". These tools don't require a magic affinity to use, but do require throwing FP, allowing melee-focused characters to deal with magic.


What You Need to Know About Elden Ring
  • As with other From Software games, there will be a number of mysterious NPC characters you may encounter on your travels.
  • Most of the characters you meet will fully reveal their background stories, including their own motivations for helping (or hindering) the player.
  • Like Dark Souls' Firelink Shrine, you'll be able to visit a central location known as Roundtable Hold where other Blackened can gather, and the characters you meet in the Lands Between may appear there with new story and quests.
  • Characters can offer side quests, but quests are not tracked on your map - but NPC locations are tracked.
  • Many characters can be found exploring the beaten path in The Lands Between, which rewards those who explore the world with more background and potentially more items and other rewards.
  • NPCs will reveal important parts of the Elden Ring story that the player may not have known. This can even affect the ending of the game depending on how you interact with these characters.
  • Elden Ring's bosses won't be monstrous monsters just for her sake. Thanks to author George R. Martin, you'll now be able to uncover the story behind many of these twisted mythical demigods and see how the Elden Ring shards have corrupted them - each in their own way.
  • Miyazaki has revealed that traditional Mimics as we know them will not be featured in Elden Ring, but his statements suggest that similar ambush-oriented enemies may appear.


What You Need to Know About Elden Ring
  • Co-op confirmed to support up to 4 players.
  • Players can only invade someone else's world if a co-op partner has already been summoned, meaning those who choose to play alone won't have to worry about being ambushed.
  • Those looking for a challenge can use a specific item that eliminates the need for a co-op partner to be found before they can be invaded.
  • Added new UI elements when joining another player's world to help navigate and team up.
  • Due to the nature of its vast open world, there will be certain places a player can call to summon, making it easy to see where people need help.
  • Players can form specific groups to help their friends in their open world, without strangers messing things up.
  • PVP will be enabled in Elden Ring, even in the wide open worlds of The Lands Between.
  • However, mounted combat will not be possible when summoning other players to fight.
  • It is not possible to summon Spirit Ashes while playing multiplayer.
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