Where to find Faith-Knot Crystal Teardrop in Elden Ring

 Where to find Faith-Knot Crystal Teardrop in Elden Ring

Where to find Faith-Knot Crystal Teardrop in Elden Ring

Elden Ring brings back a ton of classic SoulsBorne formats, but adds new content that's revolutionary in style. While all games feature healing items, this allows players to create unique buffs with their third bottle.

The game features the traditional red and blue bottles, but the third bottle, the Great Physics Bottle, has multiple applications. The vial with the Node Crystal Teardrop can be used to provide a temporary boost to Faith status.

Finding a Knot of Faith Crystal Tear in Elden Ring

The knot of faith Crystal Tear is sitting in a bowl near the Pilgrimage Church. The entire field is covered with poisonous flower enemies guarding the prize.

Head north through the Demi-Human Forest Ruins or east from the Pilgrimage Church. In both cases, the player will encounter a cliff and fall. Drop a Rainbow Stone to help the Tarnished survive the fall, then jump down.

The bowl sits under a large tree very close to a river in the area. The Half-Human Queen boss is nearby. Players can run past the flowers or open a field through the flowers to obtain the Node of Faith Crystal Tear.

Using the Node of Faith Crystal Tear in Elden Ring

Crystal Tears in the Elden Ring combine to create beers in the Awesome Physique Bottle. This special Crystal Tear will temporarily grant ten Faith boosts.

Players can mix two Tears at any Grace Site to generate a buff in Flask. Mixing it with some other Tears can be extremely helpful. Cerulean Hidden Tear removes all FP costs. There are Magic, Fire, and Lightning Shroding Cracked Tears that heal magical damage types.

Players who don't specialize in Faith but want to wield some of the more grueling weapons can take advantage of this Tear. Twenty-four Faiths are required to wield the fan-favorite weapon, the Night and Flame Sword. Players wishing to register this weapon as a nuclear option can use this Tear primarily when generating physical stats.

Death Spells and various other magical options scale from Faith, and a temporary boost would greatly benefit the player. Death Spells contain some of the most powerful offensive spells and most scale based on Faith.

Players can get zero in Faith points, use the Crystal Tear of the Knot of Faith, and use the Finger Seal. This option enables Incantation' of Power and Skill based structures.
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