Who is the World's Best PubG Player?

 Who is the World's Best PubG Player?

Who is the World's Best PubG Player?

How to Play PubG Mobile 3 Fingers? Playing with 3 fingers is one of the most popular settings in any shooter game. Most games come with a two-finger system and should separate your screen gestures into left and right sides. While some people stick to this order. Some of them can move faster and you can gain an advantage over their opponents in attack and reflexes.

There are those who prefer the three finger setup because they can achieve in 3 Fingers. If your goal is to learn how to play 3 fingers in PUBG Mobile, you've come to the right place. This time we will show you how to configure 3 fingers and the advantages it will give you.

PubG Mobile 3 Finger Play

3 claw pattern codes in PUBG Mobile Global- 6962-9115-6045-5427-636

How to Play PubG Mobile 3 Fingers (Manual Layout Camera Sensitivity Settings:

3rd Party (TPP) No Coverage: 190%

Person 1 (FPP) No Coverage: 130%
Red Dot, Holographic: 50%
2x Coverage: 80%
3x Coverage: 100%
4x Coverage: 20%
6x Coverage: 10%
8x Coverage: 5%

ADS Sensitivity Settings:

TPP No coverage: 95-100%
FPP No coverage: 100-120%
Red Dot, Holographic, Target Assistance: 55-60%
2x Coverage: 37-45%
3x Coverage: 30-35%
4x Coverage: 25-30%
6x Coverage: 20-23%
8x Coverage: 10-13%

Gyroscope settings:

3rd Party (TPP) No Coverage: 300%
Person 1 (FPP) No Coverage: 300%
Red Dot, Holographic: 300%
2x Coverage: 300%
3x Coverage: 240%
4x Coverage: 210%
6x Coverage: 100%
8x Coverage: 50%

How to Play PubG Mobile 3 Fingers?

With this type of configuration, it changes depending on your left or right hand preference. We place one hand in the form of a claw using two thumbs and one index finger. The original configuration is considered a "novice setup", where you can perform all the tasks (aiming, shooting, moving, checking inventory, etc.) with just two thumbs, but as you get used to the game, you will get high performance. at game. You'll find that adding an extra finger makes it easier to do more in less time. So you can add an index finger for added convenience when holding your mobile device.

Using a three-finger configuration, you can split the action of the game like this:

shoot with your left hand, in which case move your character with your left thumb and forefinger just above the fire button.

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